Define Marketing Calendar?

Marketing plans of a business requires the need of a tool to organize marketing activities within a given period. One tool commonly used by companies is a marketing calendar that will serve as your guide on the implementation of the planned marketing activities.

A marketing calendar is procured and used similar to a tax calendar since the activities are jotted down in accordance with specific dates for the preparation and the implementation to be done by the company. The marketing calendar can be created with the use of a perpetual calendar. Look into the information provided below on the contents to include and the ways to develop a marketing calendar that you can follow.

Ways to Develop a Marketing Calendar

To help you in developing a marketing calendar for your marketing plans, there are calendar templates in Excel samples on this website you can use as reference and the following guide questions you can answer when you make one:

  • Who is your target market? 
    • You must identify the potential consumers you are targeting, for example, for the month to be indicated on the marketing calendar.
  • What marketing strategies to implement? 
    • Every breakdown of marketing activities on the calendar must contain the specific process or strategy to be implemented on that period.
  • How much will be the marketing costs? 
    • Different marketing costs for each activity must be defined to aid the management in the budgeting of funds allotted for marketing purposes.
  • When to implement approved marketing tactics? 
    • This information is the breakdown of the calendar, either weekly or monthly, depending on the plans of the company.
  • How wide is the scope of your target market?
    • After the target market is determined, it is essential to know how many potential consumers you can cater to on the allotted period indicated on the marketing calendar as shown on the printable calendar templates of this website.

Benefits of a Marketing Calendar

Even your run of the mill blank calendar template can make your personal life that much easier by giving you a means to organize your regular activities. A business needs it a whole lot more. The following information provides the benefits you gain in making and in using a marketing calendar.

  • Helps you to organize and to prioritize marketing activities. Due to the fact that the planned activities are spread out on the marketing calendar, you can easily organize preparations and prioritize the current marketing activities of your business.
  • Allows you to provide suitable activity on each breakdown of the calendar. A marketing calendar gives you the right to arrange your activities particularly for seasonal events like holidays and festivals. This can easily be done even with generic free calendar templates.
  • Gives you less difficulty in evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Since the activities are divided periodically on the marketing calendar, there is an allotted time to evaluate the activity after its implementation which can provide you pointers to improve on the next marketing activity.

Marketing of a company’s products or services is complicated in nature. But with the use of a marketing calendar, the implementation on the planned marketing activities may be done with less hassle and difficulty by the business.

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