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How to Make a Perpetual Calendar

What is a Perpetual Calendar?

A Perpetual Calendar is a kind of dating system with years of validity, which means it can identify the correct day and date of the week in a wide range of years. This dating system is common among watch companies, as they design watches in a way that would not need any adjustments with its dating cycle until the year 2100, it automatically recognizes the days in a month including those in the leap year.

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A printable Perpetual Calendar is efficient in nature as it does not require you to buy calendars yearly, which can also be costly. You just need to have a lot of patience in order to materialize your very own Perpetual Calendar. There are various ways in order for you to make your own perpetual calendar, you can do it with blocks, or cubes, even with magnets, you just have to be resourceful about it. For this project, let us try to make a Perpetual Calendar with the use of a whiteboard and pieces of magnet, perfect for any offices with large teams as you can use this to keep track of your tasks or projects, and what not. So, if you are someone working in an office or with a large group, read on.

1. Materials

As with any project, prepare all your materials in advance to keep the flow of making your project smooth. For this project, we need a whiteboard, a whiteboard marker, a ruler, thirty-one pieces of magnets, pieces of papers, a printer, a scissor, and a glue. You may also like planning calendar templates.

To begin with, divide your whiteboard, depending on your preferred size, into three different parts but make sure the third part has the most spaces. You may also see calendar templates.

2. Header

For the Perpetual Calendar project, there are three different parts, depending on how you plan to make yours. Let us say, you are going to opt for a more tabular form like this one, so there should be three parts in your calendar. The first part, which is the header, should contain the twelve different months of the year. For whatever month you are on, just simply write it out in the first part. You may also like blank calendar templates.

3. Subheader

The subheader which directly falls right under the header should contain all the days of the week. From Monday through Sunday, write them in their designated boxes. You may also like printable calendar templates.

4. Body

The third part of this calendar, which is the body should contain all the numbers of days, but instead of writing the numbers directly, print them out and divide the third section into small squares, this is the best way to do this. Print out your numbers on pieces of paper – you have the liberty to choose whatever shape it is you want. After printing the numbers, glue them to the different pieces of magnets you have prepared. And place each magnet in its designated box. You may also like yearly calendar templates.

The very reason why a whiteboard and pieces of the magnet are used for this project is for efficiency and practicality. Not as much effort is needed to constantly adjust the dates, you just simply have to move the magnets to the corresponding days that its month follows. As the purpose of this project is to be able to make one calendar we can use all throughout the year and the years succeeding. You may also like training calendar templates.

Hope you find this article helpful and if you did, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. Kindly share this with those who are interested in making their very own perpetual calendar or those seeking for new projects to do. You may also like activity calendar templates.

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