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10+ Employee Acknowledgement Letter Templates

Managers have a responsibility to make sure that their employees accept and understand company policies and procedures, as well as any changes that have been made to these official documents. They also have the responsibility to show that they acknowledge that an employee is leaving the company, or if a new employee has been hired. You may also see Letter Samples.

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However, these must come in the form of documents wherein one’s acknowledgment is official and can be recorded on file. So to help with that, one must provide an acknowledgment letter template which contains all the information needed. So this type of article will focus on the types of employee acknowledgment letters and how to make one.

Employee Acknowledgement Letter Template

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Employee Acknowledgement Letter for Job Format

Employee Job Acceptance Acknowledgement Letter Template

Employee Acknowledgment Letter for Job in PDF

Employee Job Application Acknowledgement Letter

Employee Application Acknowledgement Letter Format

Steps for writing a job acknowledgement letter

If you have a position in your company that’s open to any applicant that’s willing to take it on, then you’re going to expect a lot of resumes that you’ll have to go through. However, you can’t just expect to receive these resumes and not send back a response, that would just make you and your business look very unprofessional. So what you’re going to have to do is send the applicant an acknowledgment letter that shows you have received the potential employee’s resume. So here are the steps that you should follow in order to write a proper acknowledgment letter:

  • Make sure that you use proper formatting when creating your letter. You have to make sure that the top left corner contains your complete name, the date of when the acknowledgment letter was made, and the applicant’s complete name. It’s also best to place the subject of the letter right below the employee’s name. A good example of the subject would be “Resume Acknowledgement Letter”. You want to make certain that it should look as professional as possible, so be sure that you follow the right letter format.
  • Show the applicant that you have received the documents and that you are thankful for his or her interest in your business. Although this doesn’t seem like much, receiving your response stating that you have received his or her application letter will tell the applicant that you will definitely look into whether or not he or she is qualified.
  • Be sure that you tell the employee about your review period. If you don’t have an estimate as to how long the review period will take, then it’s best that you tell the applicant that it might take some time and that you would appreciate it if he or she would remain patient while waiting for the response. You should also state that you will notify this applicant regarding the screening possess at the earliest convenience. Even if the screening process does take a long time, it’s always best that you share this information with the applicant so that he or she won’t get frustrated or confused as to why there has yet to be any response.
  • End the letter by thanking the applicant for his or her time and wishing the applicant success in all of his or her endeavors. After thanking the applicant, you have to complete the letter by writing down your signature, and then your complete name right below it.

How to write resignation acknowledgement letter

There will come a time when managers have to deal with employees leaving the company. These reasons can be anything from having to continue school, family problems, different employee opportunities, health concerns, and much more. So it’s best that your company already has an established policy to help you in the event of an employee’s departure. The information below should help you create a resignation policy that will allow you to deal with a resigning employee in a positive and respectful manner. We have also outlined the steps on how to write a professional resignation acknowledgment letter.

  • Create a system for handling resignation letters. Depending on the size of your company, you’re going to have to create a proper system or process that will allow you to handle all free resignation letters in a professional and well-organized manner. Having a set policy can help put both you and your employees at ease. When an employee officially resigns, he or she is going to look to you in order to discuss the necessary steps that need to be taken to officially leave the company. So make a policy that handles things such as notice requirements and final paycheck distribution, as well as the last date of his or her employment.
  • Make sure to use proper business letter format. Since this is a professional letter, you have to make sure that you use the business letter format in your letter. So on the top left corner of your letter, you have to include your contact information, the date of when the letter was written, and the employee’s contact information. Then once you have all of that information placed into the letter, finish it by placing your handwritten signature, with your name typed below it.
  • Show that you have accepted the resignation. An employee would usually have to give you at least two weeks’ notice before he or she resigns. If the employee is leaving within an acceptable amount of time, then you may proceed to write the acknowledgment letter. While writing the letter, you have to state that you have officially received and accepted his or her simple resignation letter. The letter should also clearly state the employee’s official last day of work with the company.
  • Express your understanding. When creating your response, you have to show the employee that you regret losing him or her, but that you respect, understand, and even appreciate the decision that he or she ultimately had to make. You may even offer any form of assistance to the employee. For example, you can help the employee by offering to make a reference letter for when he or she needs to apply for another job. However, this is only optional so you have the choice whether or not you would like to help the employee and if he or she deserves it.
  • Keep a record. Before you send the acknowledgment letter to the employee, you have to make a copy and keep it in the employee’s file. You can decide to do this yourself, or you can have Human Resources do it. This will give you a clear record as to when the employee left your company. You may very well need this information in certain circumstances where it could be needed. A good example would be if an employee that left decides to come back, you can then view the records and find when the employee left and why. This makes decision-making easier on the employer’s end.

Employee Resignation Acknowledgement Letter Template

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Resignation Letter Template

Employee Professional Resignation Acknowledgement Letter Template

Employee Resignation Acceptance Acknowledgement Letter Template

Employee Resignation Acknowledgement Letter in PDF

What is an employee policy acknowledgement letter?

This is a type of document that’s used during occasions when you have to introduce a new policy or when you have to change existing ones that employees need to know about. These kinds of letters are usually handed out during informational meetings regarding the company or in-house training sessions. This type of document is filled out by the Human Resources staff at the end of the meeting. So during this meeting, you need to provide your employee the opportunity to be able to voice out their concerns that they have about the new policy.

This gives you the opportunity to answer questions that are shared by many. The one thing that you should ensure never happens is to have any of the employees take the sample acknowledgment letter home with them after the meeting has concluded. The reason for this is because you’re going to need these letters to show that the employee has completely understood the new changes and has accepted them.

So you have to make sure that you let the employee sign it and hand it over to you as soon as he or she finishes reading it. This is because there might come a time where you’ll need to show that the employee fully understood and accepted the policy changes, and you can’t do that unless you have the document as well as the employee’s signature on it. So basically what you have to do as an employer is to make sure that you made the document, have the employee sign it, and take it so you can put it on record.


While there are a ton of acknowledgment letters that need to be written and submitted, those documents carry huge importance as they’re there to prove that one party has received and accepted certain propositions. So in the event that you would like to create your own job acknowledgment letter, then you can go through any of our available articles with the letter templates and information that should be able to help you out. Plus, it will make things easier on your end if you know how to effectively write an acknowledgment letter that best suits your purpose.

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