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How to Set Up The Payment Information In The Receipt Template

business receipt contains several information pertaining to the payment transaction between the seller and the buyer. The payment information on a receipt shows the amount paid by the customer for the purchase and the mode of payment he used to pay the amount.

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There are situations in a business in which an error is committed involving the payment information on a receipt, especially if it involves tax-related receipts like a constructive receipt. Another situation would be changes in price of products requiring you to change the payment information on the receipt template, which will be discussed in the following information.

When to Adjust the Payment Information on the Receipt?

Software programs adapted by a business to aid in the generation of reports used by the management is not a perfect application. There are instances where a need to adjust the payment information on receipt. The following are a few situations wherein an adjustment on the payment information on the receipt is necessary:

  • When an employee records two or more receipts of the transaction payment. Human error on the use of software that records transactions would entail the adjustment of payment information on the receipt.
  • When a credit card payment is authorized but the receipt of the payment is not recorded. There are instances that the software fails to accompany the credit card payment with a recorded receipt making the business fail to issue the customer with the proper receipt format.
  • When a void of a gift card transaction leads to decrease of gift card balance. This is another malfunction of office equipment and computer software which requires the company to adjust the balance and the payment information on the receipt.
  • When there is no information regarding a transaction payment. A software contains various free receipt templates you can choose from but may not have applied to the transaction payment that transpired requiring the adjustment.

How to Adjust Payment Information on a Receipt?

Just as basic receipt templates and  receipt templates in PDF are adjustable so they can match the needs of both company and customer, in a system such as a Point of Sale, information can also be adjusted. The following are the ways can do in order to adjust the payment information on a receipt you are going to issue to the customer:

  • Using the system, identify the payment amount to be adjusted. Once the error or the redundancy in the record of payment on the system, you must highlight the error payment amount by opening the recorded receipt of the transaction in the system.
  • Clear the amount with the use of the Delete or Void button. Before payment information adjustment is made, you should clear out the payment error to make the receipt null and void wiping out the receipt from the system.
  • Enter new payment information until Payment Complete confirmation message is received. Fill out a new payment information of the transaction including specifications on the mode of payment used by the customer on the purchase. In order for you to know if the adjustment was successful, wait for a confirmation message indicating that the payment adjustment is completed.

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