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13+ Name Place Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

If you are planning a formal dining event, gala gathering, or an official meeting, it is only necessary to also use name place cards to designate the seating position of each guest. Doing this does not only help elevate your status as an event host and organizer, but it will also help smoothen the transition during these delicate formal events.

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For more information on how to create and use name place cards for any occasion, make sure to read through the whole article. Examples of downloadable name place card templates are also included below to help you plan out your next conference or dining event.

Free Name Card Template

Wedding Name Card Template

What are name place cards?

Place cards are small pieces of paper (usually the size of a business card) that event organizers and party hosts use to mark the seating position of a person or guest. Place cards will usually include the name of the guest, hence the term name place cards. In some events like weddings and conferences, name place cards may also include a table number.

In this article, we have included name place cards that can be used for any occasion whether they are weddings, meetings, conferences, office meetings, or gala events. Name place cards may take on different designs depending on the occasion they are used for. For example, you may use festive and floral designs for wedding name place cards while you may settle for the elegant monochromatic designs for formal meetings and conferences.

To create the best name place card, you may either follow the handmade card design route or the pre-made card template route. The first option, obviously, will require you to create your name place cards manually. However, this gives you all the creative freedom since you will be creating everything from scratch.

The second option (using pre-made printable templates) does not mean you cannot be creative at all. You may still choose artistic name place card designs; however, they will come pre-formatted by another graphic designer. This second option usually suits those who are strapped for time and needs have multiple name place cards created within a few hours or days.

Check out these name place card templates

As promised, embedded below are more than fifteen name place card templates that you can use for any occasion. These pre-formatted templates are fully editable and are available either as vector illustrations or as PSD templates. A short guide on how to choose the best name card template is also included below.

Blank Teal and Gold Wedding Name Place Card Template

Cafe Restaurant Menu and Name Place Card Set Template


1. Customizability.

For most people, the ability to make changes to a pre-made template is an important factor to consider when selecting a name place card template. This allows template end-users to personalize and transform any card template into something that is truly unique and memorable for the events that they are hosting.

If, for example, you want to create matching wedding name place cards for your wedding reception, it is best to use the same PSD wedding template designs that you have already used for your other wedding stationery. This will give more cohesion to your entire event’s motif. And if your current wedding templates do not include a name place card template, you can easily use another template that complements your other wedding templates.

2. Cost.

Another factor to consider when picking a name place card template is the cost. Most pre-made name place card templates typically cost just a few dollars and are considerably cheaper than hiring a professional graphic artist to create a template for you. Despite this, there can still be overpriced pre-made templates. That is why you should meticulously shop around for name place card templates before purchasing one.

Also, it is important to note that the total cost of using pre-made templates also includes the printing cost. You may have chosen a relatively affordable card template but you may have to spend a lot when printing out multiple copies of the template. As a savvy event organizer or host, you need to carefully consider all these things and create an estimate of everything that you may need to pay for. Only purchase a template if you know that you have all the necessary budget for printing them.

3. Relevance to your event theme.

When choosing a name place card template, you should also factor in how the template’s current design relates to the event or occasion you are planning. The name place card template of your choice should have a design that is relevant (or at least complements) your event’s motif.

To illustrate, if you are hosting a charity gala dinner at your fine dining restaurant and it will be best to choose a name place card template that already follows an elegant design theme. This way, your name place cards will totally help enhance your event’s decor. You may check out these restaurant place card templates for other downloadable examples you can use.

4. Print size.

We have mentioned earlier that name place cards usually follow the size of standard business cards. However, to save money and paper, it is best to choose a name place card template that will allow you to print out multiple place card templates in one bigger paper size. For instance, you may choose a template that is already formatted to print out three or four name place cards in one letter size of A4 size paper or cardstock.

If convenience is what you are looking for, choosing a name place card template that already includes this print size option will save you a lot of time. Otherwise, you may have to cut out the template one by one after printing them out.

5. Brandability.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when picking a name place card template is its brandability. These criteria are especially important for businesses and organizations that wish to make themselves more known and recognized by the public. A brandable table name place card template is one that allows end-users not only to edit a template but the template should also allow full access to the different template layers and design elements for any more edits.

You should choose a name place card template that will allow you to either add or remove a lot of graphic design elements to fully transform a current template. The best brandable name place card template is that one that you can customize to add your own logo designs, emblems, and also apply your own color motif.

6. Your own time and skills.

Another factor to consider when choosing any kind of pre-made printable template is your own time and editing skills. It is important to assess your own skills and available time because you will need to make the necessary template edits before it can be printed out. Choose the pre-made template route if you already have a background in using graphic design software tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Also, make sure that you have the necessary time to make these edits. If you are an entrepreneur, for instance, you may not have the free time for this task and may need to delegate this task to someone else. And for those who are doing a DIY wedding invitation, make sure that you have ample time to edit and print out the name place card templates before the actual wedding. Take this into consideration and you will have a smooth-sailing event.

So those are the most important things to consider when choosing a name place card template. Read this set of criteria repeatedly until you have fully internalized them. This way, you will know what specific name place card design template to choose.

Floral Wedding Name Place Card Template

Fork & Spoon Name Place Card Template

Mexican Fiesta Name Place Card Template

Pink Vector Name Place Card Template

Rustic Name Place Card Template

Salad Restaurant Name Place Card Template

Vintage Ornament Name Place Card Vector Template

Watercolor Name Place Card Template

Wedding Reception Name Place Card Template

Have you chosen a name place card template?

This post is filled with beautiful and well-design name place card templates. Have you finally chosen a template for your wedding reception or business dinner event? If not, don’t fret. This site is still with more examples of downloadable and printable name place card templates. Feel free to search the site and discover the card template design that is only meant for you and your event.

If you found this article helpful, do not forget to bookmark it and share it on social media!

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