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Get in touch with your inner creativity and make the most out of it when greeting someone during their birthday. While it may already be sufficient to remember people’s birthdays and greet them in person, why not go the extra mile and actually exert some effort? And we’re not referring to going out and buy already-finished sample birthday cards from bookstores, we actually want you to make one yourself.

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Since making birthday card templates from total scratch may be too stressful to do—you will need to gather ideas for the design, the elements that need to be included, and the message written—you can actually take advantage of pre-designed templates. This way, it’ll help give you a head start with your birthday cards since these templates are already halfway done, and all you need to is making modifications to them.

If this is what you are looking for, then you have found the right place. If you scroll down, you’ll find a collection of personalized birthday card designs and templates, and all of them are fully editable. We have gathered them here from multiple sources to save you from all that stress, go ahead and check out those templates.

Personalized Birthday Card Sample

scrapbook style personalized birthday card template

What could possibly be more personalized than scrapbooking? If you’re not familiar with what this is, it is actually the art of collecting, arranging, and preserving personal or family memorabilia in the form of either a card or a book. For the birthday card template above, it draws heavy inspiration from the art of scrapbooking wherein personal stuff are arranged on a piece of card. If you enjoy this theme on a birthday card, then go ahead and use this template.

Collage Personalized Birthday Card Template

collage personalized birthday card template

Get creative with the way you present the elements of your birthday card design. Instead of having to cramp up all of those elements into one common background, turn it into a college, divide the entire design into different sections, and place one element into each of those sections. This way, the entire design will look cleaner but still highly artistic. Take for example the printable birthday card template above which bears a three by three layout, each square contains different birthday-themed elements such as a birthday cake, a present, a flower bouquet, and many more. Even with all those elements, the design still manages to look breathable and not cluttered.

Printable Personal Birthday Card Template

printable scripted personalized birthday card template

If you prefer to go exclusively textual with the design of your birthday card, then you might want to use the template above. This birthday card template embraces simplicity with its use of a solid-colored background, and elements that consist of only text written in a script. For this template, the color for both the background and the text can be changed, and there are six different colors that you can choose from.

Personalized Birthday Card Example

personalized birthday card example

Funny Personalized Birthday Card Template

funny letters personalized birthday card template

Here is a rather hilarious take on birthday greeting cards, and this will be loved by both children and adults simply because of how cute and simple the design is. To describe the design on this funny card template, it shows characters shaped as letters of the alphabet spelling the word “birthday”. These characters seem to be having a birthday party, as evidenced by the party hats that some are wearing, and the confetti scattered all over the floor. If you want a simple yet funny-looking birthday card for someone, then you should definitely use this template.

Artistic Personalized Birthday Card

artistic personalized birthday card

Simple Personalized Birthday Card

simple personalized birthday card

During birthdays, the family and friends of the birthday celebrant “reach out” to them to simply greet them a happy birthday. For the birthday card template above, it takes that statement a little too literal by actually drawing figures of outstretched arms with palms wide open towards the written greeting. The great thing about this template is even with its use of multiple elements and various colors, it still looks clean and easy on the eyes because of its use of a lot of white space.

Retro Personalized Birthday Card Template

retro personalized birthday card template

Earlier in this article, we showed you a collage-inspired template which gave the design a rather cleaner look despite of its number of elements used. Here, we will be showing you another birthday card template which follows a similar style, but in a retro theme. Instead of going for a three by three layout, the template above manages to maximize its use of the space by going for a four by four layout. And aside from just graphical elements, this template also throws in some lettermark elements onto the design. If you found the other collage template quite pleasing, then you will surely love this one as well.

Pink Flowers Personalized Birthday Card Template

pink flowers personalized birthday card template

Vintage Style Personalized Birthday Card Template

vintage style personalized birthday card template

If you know someone who’s old-fashioned or just loves the vintage trends and they’re celebrating their birthday, then you may find the sample birthday card template above quite useful. The design on this template is something that you can commonly see from old cartoon shows with its choice of font, the illustrations on the upper portion, and the entire background layer. Vintage trends have and never will go out of style, which makes this card template virtually timeless.

Colorful Balloons Personalized Birthday Card Template

colorful balloons personalized birthday card template

Gaming Personalized Birthday Card Template

gaming personalized birthday card template


For those who enjoy playing video games—especially the retro ones—then you probably are familiar with 8-bit style graphics. Some modern video game developers still make use of 8-bit graphics for their games to either create an ambiance or to make the player feel a sense of nostalgia. For the PSD birthday card template above, the entire design is obviously inspired from retro video games, from the font used down to the graphical elements. This would be the perfect birthday card to give to those hardcore video gamers, they will surely love receiving something that reflects their interests.

Rainbow Colors Personalized Birthday Card Template

rainbow colors personalized birthday card template

Here is an awesome and lovely personalized birthday card template that would be perfect for little girls who are celebrating their birthdays. Why is it so? It’s because of its color scheme, the colorful star-patterned background, and the other colorful elements surrounding the text. From the looks of this design, it can easily be associated to unicorns which is also something that little girls love. Download and use this girly birthday card template to make your own birthday cards, and see the little girl’s eyes sparkle just like the star elements on the design.

Vintage Personalized Birthday Card Template

vintage personalized birthday card template

Make your birthday cards even more meaningful by including a photo of the birthday celebrant on the design, you’ll never be able to do this from store-bought birthday cards. This design also incorporates some vintage and grungy themes to enhance the look of the design. But overall, you can never go wrong with this beautiful and printable birthday card template, which is why we strongly suggest that you download and use this to make your own birthday cards.

Gift Boxes Personalized Birthday Card Template

gift boxes personalized birthday card template

Child or adult, we usually anticipate that we would be receiving gifts during our birthdays, but the only difference is that the level of anticipation decreases as we grow older. For children, they often get disappointed or even throw tantrums if they don’t receive a single gift by the end of their birthday. For adults, on the other hand, they often get surprised if somebody gives them a birthday gift, they would even say “You shouldn’t have” as a sign of being humble.

For animated birthday cards, though they are quite inexpensive, but they can still be considered as a gift, a more personal and heartfelt gift I might add. If you feel the same way about birthday cards, then you may want to use the gift box birthday card template above.

Personalized Birthday Gift Card Template

personalized birthday gift card template

Tips for Planning a Birthday Party

1. Decide on a theme for the party

While incorporating a theme for a birthday party is only commonly seen in children’s parties, it actually wouldn’t harm if you also do it with adults. But of course, the theme should also be age-appropriate, you wouldn’t want to go for a My Little Pony themed party for grown ups.

2. Write a guest list

During the planning phase, write down the names of the people that you wish to invite, you may even be able to use this during the making of your invitation cards. Also, you should take into consideration the simple budget that you have set before making your guest list because you might end up over-inviting people.

3. Send out invitations

When it’s time to invite people, send out invitations at least four to six weeks before the date of the party, and refer to your guest list for the names of the people that you wish to send the invitations to. On the invitations, be sure to clearly indicate the time and date of the party, and the address for the venue. You may also want to mention the theme of the party if there is one, and an RSVP to confirm the number of guests. We, here, also have various birthday invitation templates that you might want to use, go ahead and check them out as well.

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