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11+ Useful Restaurant Review Card Templates & Designs – PSD, AI

Want to increase customer engagement at your restaurant? If yes, then try out starting a customer feedback policy within your dining establishment and use simple restaurant review cards. In this article, we further explain how review cards can help strengthen your restaurant’s image and also provide examples of review card templates that any restaurateur may use.

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Different Restaurant Review Card Templates

Embedded below are printable review card templates and designs that will work for any restaurant business. Take a look at each downloadable template and purchase the one with the best design that suits your restaurant’s image. Also, do not forget to download and install a compatible graphic design software program like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator prior to purchasing and editing a pre-made printable template.

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Restaurant Customer Comment Card Template

Brown Restaurant Review Card Template

Cakes and Shakes Restaurant Review Card Template

What is a Restaurant Review Card?

Restaurant review cards are pieces of paper or online forms where diners can state their opinions of the dining experience they have received. It is also sometimes called customer comment card, guest comment card, or restaurant feedback card.

Review cards are usually printed on small pieces of paper so that customers can fill them out easily and quickly. Some restaurants may also use online customer review forms if they wish to allow customers to fill out review cards through their respective web pages. They can also be printed on different types of paper or cardstock.

Review cards are also available in pre-formatted template formats for those who do not want to create a review card template from scratch. Restaurant review card templates can be available in different file download formats like PSD, INDD, JPEG, PDF, or EPS.

Coffee Bean Design Restaurant Review Card Template

EMO Style Restaurant Review Card Template

Why Do You Need to Use Restaurant Review Cards?

Using restaurant review cards is not mandatory for all dining establishments. After all, there are other ways to gather and receive customer feedback. However, if you want a more novel way of connecting with your customers, using printed restaurant review cards is the way to go.

Compiled below are different reasons why utilizing review cards for your own dining establishment may make sense on a business and interpersonal standpoint. Read them and be inspired by creating a unique customer service experience for your restaurant. You may also see Restaurant Invitation Cards.

1. To Address Customer Concerns

The main purpose of using restaurant review cards or any other form of feedback card is to make sure that business owners and their management teams can address their customers’ concerns right away. This goes along with instituting a customer service policy for your restaurant. When done hand in hand, it becomes a more effective way to deal with different positive and negative issues that may arise from running a restaurant. You may also see Restaurant Greeting Card Templates.

2. To Personalize the Customer Support

Restaurant review cards can also be used to provide a more personalized level of customer support. There is just something more polite and natural when people can write their opinion in their own handwriting and when their issues get addressed because of that. This way customers will feel more appreciated and valued when their voices are heard.You may also see Restaurant Promo Card Templates.

So, if you want to create this level of customer service for your own dining establishment, you should consider using review cards that are easily accessible to your customers. Effective customer service often works well as a form of sustainable marketing strategy especially when this kind of business practice is known by the public.

3. For Market Research

Another practical reason for using restaurant review cards is that they can be used as a tool to conduct market research for your dining establishment. Customers fill out these cards with their reviews or comments about your restaurant’s food, ambiance, and customer service. You may then compile all these pieces of information to know more about your customer demographics and how you can work to help improve your service. You may also see Creative Restaurant Business Card

Depending on your state or country, there may be rules when conducting customer surveys and protecting their personal information. Make sure to research the specific rules that are applicable in your area prior to creating your restaurant review cards to ensure that you are not breaking any laws. You may also see Restaurant Templates

4. To Simplify Customer Feedback Process

Difficulty in finding ways to express their opinions or feedback about your restaurant may cause inconvenience and an unfavorable customer experience. That is why, as a restaurateur, you need to make sure that all possible ways of providing customer feedback should be proactively provided to the customer. When you use printed review cards and inform your customers about their availability, this shortens the feedback process. Your customers can share their complaints, comments, or compliments easily and quickly just by filling out a small printed note card.

5. To Strengthen Restaurant Identity

Establishing a unique restaurant branding identity is an important task that any restaurateur should take seriously because this cannot be easily achieved overnight. You need to work on this continouosly throughout your restaurant’s lifespan. Restaurant review cards can be a convenient way for you to further showcase your brand identity. This can be done by simply incorporating your restaurant’s official color scheme or company logo design.

Let the different practical reasons presented above help sway you into starting a customer service policy and using review cards for your restaurants. Do not forget to combine them with the different restaurant review card creation and design tips that we have shared below to help propel your business into new heights.

Grill Restaurant Review Card Template

Light Pink Restaurant Review Card Template

Minimalist Restaurant Review Card

Design the Best Restaurant Review Card

People are naturally attracted to well-designed things. This also applies to any kind of restaurant stationery design. So, if you want to create the best kind of restaurant review cards, your job will not stop after printing them out. You still need to make sure that your review cards have equally compelling physical designs that will prompt customers to read and fill them out.

What follows are various tips on how you can help make your restaurant review cards more attractive just like your more prominent restaurant menu cards.

1. Use Review Card Envelopes or Covers

One way to create a more memorable restaurant review card is to use card covers or envelopes. Doing this will help formalize the customer feedback process. It will also send the message that your restaurant is serious when it comes to dealing with customer complaints or comments. For more information on creating good envelope designs, check out the linked article.

2. Add Scrapbook Embellishments

Another way to spice up your restaurant review card designs is to make your review cards as creative as possible. Restaurateurs can achieve this by using scrapbook embellishments as card decorations.

You do not have to go all out when decorating your review cards. You may use simple stickers and stamp designs that will let your customers know what kind of form they are filling out. Witty scrapbook stickers may also help lighten the mood for when a customer writes their review of their dining experience on the card. You may also see Restaurant Identity Card Designs & Templates

3. Incorporate Your Restaurant Logo Seamlessly

Most restaurateurs and graphic designers may have already incorporated this tip into their review card template design prior to printing. But if you have not, use this opportunity to make sure that your restaurant’s logo design is visible on your review cards. This does not only create a sense of identity for your brand but it will also let your customers know that you are operating a legitimate and serious dining establishment that cares for their customers.

4. Print on Cut-Out Patterns

This next design tip can be applied when you are printing out your restaurant review cards. Aside from printing on regular letter-sized or card-sized papers, try printing your review card templates on cut-out patterns or on non-traditional paper sizes instead.

When you do this, you are making your review cards stand out more since they do not conform to industry standards. By doing this, you are also subtly telling your customers that you value creative freedom.

We hope the different after-printing design tips listed above are helpful for you and your dining establishments. Be inspired by them so that you can create your own creative takes on how a restaurant review card should be. You may also see Restaurant Guest Comment Card Designs & Templates.

Professional Restaurant Review Card Template

Small Restaurant Review Card Template

Watercolor Restaurant Review Card Template

A Few Last Words to Conclude

Creating a restaurant review card or using a template to create it is just like creating and using any type of restaurant survey template. These restaurant stationeries all allow restaurateurs to know what their customers think about the food that your restaurant offers and the level of service that they received. If you take anything from this article, it should be the importance of establishing a good customer service. A well-designed restaurant review card cannot do anything if you do not follow through and address each of the concerns that your customers have voiced out. You may also like Restaurant Chef Business Card Designs & Templates.

Check out the rest of the website for more information on how to create and use different kinds of printable restaurant templates.

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