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14+ Restaurant Feedback Card Templates & Designs – PSD, AI

Before becoming Michelin-starred dining establishments, restaurants still need to start from scratch in their respective niches. This may take from a few months to many years and it will all also largely depend on a number of things that are out of any business owner’s control. But if you want a somewhat surefire way to ensure business success right from the beginning, it is best to establish a good customer service support policy early on and use simple restaurant customer feedback cards to communicate with your early restaurant diners.

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This article will focus on the different ways anyone can create and use a feedback card for their restaurant business. Downloadable examples of feedback card templates are also included in this article. Feel free to check them out.

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What is a restaurant feedback card?

A feedback card is a document that allows a person to freely write his or her thoughts about another person, service, thing, event, or even an idea or concept. Most feedback cards are printed on small pieces of paper and may also be folded just like a regular greeting card.

When used by dining establishments, a feedback card will still function in the same way. But in order to facilitate a restaurant’s customer turnover rate, it is best to just ask a few questions and/or write them on small pieces of paper. This approach to surveying customer opinions is also more convenient to customers since they can quickly fill out the card. Sometimes, restaurant feedback cards may be also called customer comment cards or restaurant guest comment cards.

Restaurant feedback cards can be created in two ways. The first method is manually creating each feedback card just like how one creates a handmade greeting card. The second method is the use of pre-made printable templates and printing out these templates into ready to use restaurant cards. Check out this article for more information on how to create a restaurant comment card.

Different restaurant feedback card templates

This article, however, focuses on the second method and will provide different examples of downloadable restaurant feedback card templates that any restaurateur may use. These restaurant templates are embedded below.

Brown Restaurant Feedback Business Card Template

Restaurant Business Feedback Card Template

Things to include in a restaurant feedback card

The main purpose of creating and using restaurant feedback cards is to gather your customer’s opinions about your dining establishment and the level of service they have received. And to ensure that you get accurate information from your customers, you need to make sure that you create a good instrument that does this. You may also like restaurant identity cards.

Remember that not all restaurant feedback cards are created equal. Some customer survey cards just request for basic Yes or No questions and will not even dig down deeper into the customer’s dining experience. Of course, you may create feedback cards that only ask for this kind of information. However, if you are committed to getting the most out of this business strategy, you may have to level up your feedback card layout and functionality features too.

To help you with that, we have compiled a list of the most important questions that need to be included in your restaurant feedback card design to make the survey card more effective.

1. Restaurant details.

First on the list are your restaurant details. This may refer to the name of your restaurant or dining establishment, location, contact information, social media handles, and even your restaurant emblem or mascot. These pieces of information need to be included in your restaurant feedback card template.

These graphic design elements are relatively easy to add to any pre-made template especially if you have already established your restaurant’s own branding identity. Some pre-made restaurant template sets may also already include a matching feedback card template that you can use for your restaurant.

If it is your first time creating stationery and advertising designs for your restaurant, you may start on just creating a restaurant logo design to help distinguish your restaurant from its competitors.

2. Freewrite portion.

A section where customers can freely write their feedback is another important part of any restaurant feedback card. Depending on your feedback form’s print size, make sure that this section will be spacious enough to allow for printed words.

Sometimes, when customers are pressed for time, this portion will not be filled out. This is why restaurateurs should also make sure that the questions they ask on their feedback cards are short and easily understandable. This way, diners will have more time to state other concerns or compliments on the free-write portion of the feedback card format.

3. Checklist.

Checklists or tick boxes are common parts of any feedback or comment cards. This is because they help shorten the amount of time that customers need to answer or fill out a feedback or survey card.

Still, there are right and wrong ways to create checklists and tick boxes for feedback cards. One of the most important methods is to make sure that the choices or options you have provided for a specific question will encompass most of the possible answers to that specific question.  For example, if you want to ask a customer how their dining experience was, you cannot just create tick boxes for Good, Neutral, Bad answer options. These are acceptable options. However, if you want to get the most out of your feedback cards, it is best to provide a variety of more emotion-evoking tick box choices. You may use I had a great time, It was okay, So-so, Fine, Nevermind, etc.

Watercolor Restaurant Feedback Card Template

Seafood Restaurant and Bar Feedback Card Template

Cakes and Shakes Restaurant Feedback Card Template

Small Restaurant Feedback Card Template

Red Restaurant Feedback Card Template

Black and White Restaurant Feedback Card Vector Template

4. Self-explanatory questions and/or instructions.

Restaurant feedback cards will cease to become feedback cards if they do not contain survey questions. In the same vein, restaurateurs should also make sure that these questions and the instructions needed for answering each question are written clearly.

Sometimes, separate instructions may not be needed for short restaurant feedback cards that are printed on small pieces of paper. However, if you intend to create a comprehensive and lengthy restaurant feedback card, you should make sure to add instructions and directions on how to properly fill out the feedback card. You may also like restaurant place cards.

5. Privacy clause.

Another important part of any customer comment card or feedback card is the disclaimer regarding the use of personal client information. This is a recent addition that most governments require business establishments to comply with since it helps protect an individual’s privacy.

This means that if you want to comply with the corresponding privacy laws in your state or country, you should make sure that your restaurant feedback cards contain verbiage on the use of any information that they wish to share on your restaurant’s feedback cards. You may also like restaurant gift cards.

A privacy clause or disclaimer on a feedback card means that you, the business owner or any person who will handle the data collated from the survey, will only use this data for this specific purpose (i.e. for market research to improve your current restaurant business). This is done to prevent identity theft and illegal use of other people’s personal information.

6. Restaurant branding designs.

Earlier on this list, we have mentioned the need for including a restaurant’s business details to make a feedback card appear more formal. One of the specific items included was a restaurant logo design. This is an example of a restaurant’s unique branding identity design. So if you want to further emphasize your brand through your feedback cards, make sure to incorporate other branding designs into your feedback card template design.

Examples of other restaurant branding designs are vector illustrations, trademarked emblems, or even slogans. And since most feedback cards are printed out on small pieces of paper, you need to plan out and design your feedback card templates well. Make sure that you do not overcrowd your feedback cards with all sorts of design elements. Find a way to balance them all out while still making sure that your feedback cards are both functional and creative.

7. Contact information.

Another piece of information that should be included in a restaurant feedback card should be your restaurant’s contact information. This can be your business phone number, take away phone number (if you offer a takeaway food menu service), or a dedicated customer support hotline.

Other types of contact information that you may include in your feedback cards are your social media URLs and official business website. Remember that businesses also need to establish an online presence these days in order to cater to the growing number of people who make online purchases.

Emo Style Restaurant Feedback Card Template

Multipurpose Restaurant Feedback Comment Card Template

Rustic Restaurant Feedback Card Template

Cafe Resto Feedback Card Template

A few last words…

It’s never easy to choose a restaurant template among a group diverse of printable template examples. Do not hurry, enjoy evaluating and inspecting each template design until you find the one that will best represent your restaurant business and best help you get answers from your customers. Also, remember that data gathering through the use of feedback cards is only half the process. As a business owner, you still need to make sure that you analyze and interpret those data accurately. After that, you can then begin to implement policy changes that will help you run the business smoothly.

If you found this article useful, do not hesitate to share it with your colleagues, friends, and followers on social media. Or, better yet, email it to your friends. They will surely thank you for the wealth of knowledge you have shared with them. You may also like restaurant DL cards.

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