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8+ Warm Wishes Card Designs & Templates- PSD, AI

Not everyone knows how to properly give warm wishes to people, not everyone is even familiar with what warm wishes really are. Come to think of it, what are warm wishes? While that is something that we can discuss later in this article, let’s focus on what we have gathered here for you. You may also see holiday greeting cards.

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We all know what greeting cards are, and we know what they are used for, the cards that we have below have a rather similar purpose, but they are meant to express—you guessed it—warm wishes to its reader. These card templates have been gathered from multiple sources, and there are over twelve different designs that you can choose from. Go ahead and check them out yourself.

Christmas Wishes Photo Card

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Free Christmas Wishes Photo Card Template

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Crescent Moon Warm Wishes Card Templates

Talking about warm wishes cards, the first one we have here is actually a collection of various card templates that express warm or best wishes to its recipient. The best characters in these templates are that they are all inspired heavily by hand-drawn illustrations and handwritten text. For as low as $14.00, you’ll be getting a lot more than you’ve bargained for with this set of beautiful designs and templates.

Eggnog Mug Warm Wishes Card Template

One famous beverage that is traditionally consumed by people—particularly adults—during the winter season is the eggnog. This beverage is highly popular throughout the United States and Canada, and the reason why we indicated that this drink is mostly consumed by adults is because it contains alcohol—bourbon, whisky, rum, or brandy. Also known as egg milk punch, eggnog is commonly made with milk, sugar, heavy cream, whipped egg whites, egg yolks, and alcohol. You may also see birthday card templates in word.

How to Make Homemade Eggnog?

There are two ways on how to make eggnog, and it usually depends on the person who will consume it. You can either serve it totally raw, or you can also cook it to decrease the risk of any foodborne diseases. You may also see guide for card making.

  • For raw eggnog, you will simply need to beat the egg yolks while slowly adding sugar. Once the sugar has been totally mixed, you can then add the cream, milk, and alcohol. The last ingredient that you will need to add are the whipped egg whites, then you’re done. You may also see good luck card templates.
  • For cooked eggnog, the first thing that you will need to cook is the milk and cream mixture. Once it reaches the boiling point, add that into a separate bowl that contains the egg and sugar mixture. After which, put the entire mixture back into the pot and bring it back to a boil. Once that’s done, turn down the heat and add in the alcohol. As always, the last ingredient to add is the whipped egg white, and make sure to refrigerate the beverage first before serving it. You may also see sample good luck cards.

Thin Typography Warm Wishes Card Template

If you prefer a more simpler look for your warm wishes card, then you may want to use the very minimalist printable note card template above which leans more towards typography rather than graphics.

What Does it Mean to Give Warm Wishes?

Expressing warm wishes to a person is almost as similar to simply greeting them during occasions, but these are actually more intimate than that of regular greetings. While we already know that to wish for something can always be associated with wanting something positive for another person, warm wishes are more than just being positive, they convey respect and even love. You may also see sample congratulation cards.

Being warm can be used with various verbs, and it has become an expression to emphasize unconditional respect to a person. For example, when we tell an audience to give an applause, we are simply telling the people to clap their hands. However, when we tell them to give a warm round of applause, you are actually requesting some level of respect in honor of a person/s. You may also see handmade thank you cards.

But the most common form of expressing warm wishes can be seen in written form, specifically at the sign-off part of a letter. There are multiple ways that a person can end a sample letter, and this includes sincerely yours, kind regards, or cordially, but like we said earlier, if you want to convey utmost respect, it is best to end your letter with warm wishes.

Achromatic Winter Warm Wishes Card Template

Here is a typographic template that is meant to be used during the winter season as evidenced by the background texture that resembles snow flakes and the decorative elements on the top and bottom area. However, you may be able to use this template for other purposes as well by simply replacing those elements on the top and bottom with something else.

Tea Party Warm Wishes Card Template

Express warm and well wishes to people you hold dear with this simple yet artistic card template. But based on the illustration seen on the design, you may also be able to use this template for making tea party invitations.

Flat Minimalist Warm Wishes Card Template

Here is another highly simplistic warm wishes card template for those who prefer something that’s straightforward. The design on this template simply shows a flat illustration of a mug on a saucer, with the warm wishes greeting written over it.

Hand Drawn Cup Warm Wishes Card Template

We did mention that when we express warm wishes, we are actually conveying something with respect and love, and the small greeting card template above effectively illustrates those emotions as evidenced by the heart symbols surrounding the text.

Why Do People Still Give or Send Greeting Cards?

1. Greeting cards are more personal. This is something that’s highly applicable in today’s generation. Try comparing your emotional reaction when you receive an actual written letter with that when receiving an email. No matter how beautiful the message on the email is, the written letter will always contain more sentimental value and feel more personal.

2. Greeting cards are able to generate more impact. This is mainly due to the tangibility of greeting cards, wherein the recipient can either keep their copy of the greeting card stored, or they can also have it displayed for others to see. This is something that you can’t do with electronic cards, since they are only stored up inside your email account’s inbox.

3. Greeting cards convey more emotions. While writing the message on the greeting card, the writer will unknowingly incorporate some emotions into it, and these emotions will be conveyed to the recipient as they read the message. While emails and electronic cards are also able to convey emotions, the beauty with written greeting cards is that they are timeless—you can read the same greeting card many years later and still feel the same set of emotions you felt the first time you read it.

You’re almost done, or should we say, “you’re getting warmer”. Now that you’re almost at the end of this article, were you able to pick out at least one card template that you can use for expressing warm wishes to someone? You know what? If you decide on downloading from our collection of personalized note card templates, you will definitely not regret that decision since these warm wishes card templates are highly exceptional in terms of appearance, editability, and overall quality.

These card templates have been designed by some of the world’s most talented and imaginative graphic artists, and you can rest assured that they have given their all in order to provide people with something extraordinary. While competitors would say that their templates will make your money’s worth, we here guarantee that our templates will provide you with more than what you are actually paying for. So what else is keeping you from clicking that download button? We’ve done our part, now it’s time to do yours. Point that mouse cursor where it needs to be and click that button to download your own warm wishes greeting card template.

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