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Be it for professional purposes, or personal endeavors, invitation card templates are versatile and you can easily choose, download, modify and print them for a host of occasions – birthdays, weddings, conferences, seminars, etc. You could also utilize these templates to create membership cards and sympathy cards.

> Name Card Template


Everything is in the name! Since a name carries, be it of an individual, company or any organization, so much weight, it should be represented in a way it deserves. From the numerous example templates, you can download sample name card templates and format them to make your own personal name card.[16+ Name Card Templates]

> Anniversary Card Template


Weddings are an extremely special occasion and ought to be celebrated in a manner which is grandiose. The same grandeur must also get reflected in the wedding invitations which get sent out to the invitees. There is a comprehensive collection of wedding invitation card templates download-ready, customizable and print-ready.You can also see[12+ Anniversary Card Templates].

> Index Card Template


Make your own recipe cards, flash cards, speech notes and more, by using sample index card templates. For those who find it difficult to remember things, these index cards come in handy and can be used as placard wherever required. You can download and format these example templates easily.[11+ Index Card Templates]

> Visiting Card Template


A face is soon forgotten, unless you are a world famous celebrity, but a visiting card is remembered for long. On numerous occasions a visiting card reaches even before you meet the person. Use sample visiting card templates, and format them to create a lasting impression. It is easy to download and customize the example templates[21+ Visiting Card Templates]

> Invitation Card Template


Don’t stick to norms and go for the exciting invitation card templates to design and develop the invitation card of your choice. The good thing about invitation card templates is the variety. They are available in numerous styles, designs and formats. Moreover, you can personalize them too! Be it weddings, birthdays, religious ceremonies, you can count on invitation card templates to convey the message of invitation to your guests in style!You’re just a download away from the perfect and memorable invitation card.[19+ Invitation Card Templates]

> Congratulation Card Template


Retirement, new baby, exam completion, graduation and others are special occasions in the life of a person. Make your own card to congratulate them and express your happiness and feelings in a special way by using sample congratulation card templates. You can download and format these templates to suit the occasion.[24+ Congratulations Card Templates]

> Photo Card Template


Come and check out the fabulous collection of sample photo card template, they are sure to mesmerize your instantly. These example cards can be used to wish people on anniversary, birthday, thank you or any other occasion. You can download and use the sample folded or flat card format.[21+ Photo Card Templates]

> Sympathy Card Template


Cards can be used to express different emotions, for in the moment of loss of a loved one conveys your condolences by using sample sympathy card templates. The format of these example templates is made according to the moment and enables to share someone’s sorrow in their hour of grief.[17+ Sympathy Card Templates]

> Gift Card Template


Gift certificates both for personal and business purposes can be made by using sample gift card templates. Congratulate someone on retirement or wish someone on birthday by using gift certificates. You just have to download, format your personal details and print, and you are ready to go.[15+ Gift Card Templates]

> Membership Card Template


How can you check whether a person present in your club is a legal member or not? Simple, just ask for his membership card. You can certify all the members of your club or organization by using sample membership card templates. The format of these example templates is professional and you can download them easily.[23+ Membership Card Templates]

> Calling Card Template


Your professional clients should get a glimpse of your aesthetic sense as well, and the calling cards are probably one of the best ways to show off. Attaching the Visiting Card Templates can also make serve dual purpose within the same budget. To maintain the professional look, download the professional font style and sizes and make a customized format.

There are number of samples of calling cards and you can choose to make it of different shades of color according to your wish. Keep in mind the formal examples of the cards and make it work for all sorts of clients.[17+ Calling Card Templates]

> Palm Card Template


Be it for the business speeches or for your kids’ school morning assembly speeches, if you want to print your own palm card template, you can look for the different samples available with us. For more formal occasions, it is also an unconventional take to attach an Index Card Template along with it but keep in mind to keep enough space for the text.

The format for the cards can be tabular or bulleted but you may download for the different examples available. You can customize the cards by using your own style and size for the fonts and may also add any related images if you wish to.[18+ Palm Card Templates]

> Holiday Card Templates


Sending out holiday cards to your friends, families, or clients is a sweet way of sharing the warmth for the occasion. Try including a Gift Card Template to make it give a new format. You can download the various examples of the samples available and make it customized by including family photos. Add a line or two of special messages to make it more memorable.

The festive seasons demands colors and celebrations, chose form the wide range of icons and font styles available to make the card look brighter. Personalized envelopes with related pictures and messages would make it more than just a piece of invitation.[17+ Holiday Card Templates]

> Wedding Card Templates


If you believe that weddings are made in heaven then the arrangements should be equally special. The first step is the wedding card which you can either follow the sample of the traditional cards or make it completely maverick with newer formats. You may download the different images, icons or quotes available to include in the cards, giving it a new look.

The Invitation Card Template should have enough space to include the address and other related information, for example the names and venue. The envelopes should be equally gorgeous to keep up the look of the card and the mood of the occasion.[21+ Wedding Card Templates]

> Wedding Place Cards Template


Inviting your guests for the marriage ceremony equally means that you have to make them feel special. To make a different format of wedding place cards, try using unique shapes and font style. You can download the different Photo Card Template and try adding them on the samples and check how they would look. Add a thank you note for your guests as well.

Wedding ceremonies are celebration of starting new lives where it would look good with the use of bright shades of colors, for example golden or silver tones. You may also some customized quotes to make them feel special for coming.[20+ Wedding Place Card Templates]

> Graduation Card Templates


Download these sample or example graduation cards for students graduating from your school this year or if you’re a parent, then for inviting your friends and family for celebrating your kid’s graduation. The format for schools have the class year mentioned with space for the student’s name, short message and the personal ones have picture space with an inviting message and venue or the party.[24+ Graduation Card Templates]

> Mother’s Day Card Templates


These sample templates can have great graphics or basic card like on white backgrounds as a great example of expressing your love with simplicity. Download these templates with sufficient message space, name and picture space with an easy format to wish your mother this season.[25+ Mothers Day Card Templates]

> Easter Card Templates


Download an Easter card sample for wishing your family this season. These are a great example of different folding options once you print it out and have sufficient space for heartfelt messages, name and more. They come in an easy format and can be used for wishing all your friends and family.[24+ Easter Card Templates]

> Library Card Template


Download an easy to use sample from these library cards for use in your school or institution. The most basic ones have sections for library logo, name, contacts, author, title, date of issue and issued to. A more detailed example, may also include sections like reader’s progress, special message and more with an easy format.[17+ Library Card Templates]

> Report Card Template


You can easily format and use a sample from these templates for grading student’s progress report or for company reports. They have numerous sections for filling in crucial details, for example credits, semesters, name of institution for students. Download samples for companies include sections like requirements, vendor responses and more.[13+ Report Card Templates]

> Trading Card Templates


These easy sample templates are built with an easy format and download option. They mostly comprise of several sections varying according to requirements, for example personal trade cards would include date of birth, place of birth, family members, special talent, accomplishments, picture and name while more casual ones include colourful backgrounds with less detail.[13+ Trading Card Templates]

> Baseball Card Template


So enhance your surroundings and even surprise yourself with the ever scintillating cool baseball card templates. Its time when you can compile your favorite pastime with all you want to showcase. It is easy to format download and personalize the samples. These are funky yet sophisticated examples are ready to help you get starring cards.[18+ Baseball Card Templates]

> Comment Card Template


If you want to accept and welcome criticisms of your work and creation take down these easily available cards for sculpting comments. These samples are formal yet user friendly, so all you require to do is format download, save and print. Make your card set examples to fire up inspirations within you.[15+ Comment Card Templates]

> Contact Card Template


In today’s world where people are mobilized and have no history of taking down contacts, these samples are the best options whatsoever. They are simple and epic with a tad of formality and resonance. Become an example and format and download the templates. It must not be forgotten that contacts are the best way to keep one in social confluence.[20+ Contact Card Templates]

> Farewell Card Template


When it’s time to bid adieu and you do not know how to give farewell, drive these cards to yourself with a simple click on format download. These samples with a thousand examples will help you reverberate those moments spent together. Define your emotions with these sweet and editable cards, also save time for it is as precious as emotions.[18+ Farewell Card Templates]

> Baby Shower Card Template


Whether you are celebrating for the welcome of a new life or rejoicing on its appearance, baby shower cards are a great way to convey and invite the near ones. You can easily format download and print these samples as and when required. You can also refer to the examples for help and you are all set to celebrate.[21+ Baby Shower Card Templates]

> Flash Card Template


Do you want to flash your ideas and knowledge at a spark of moment to enlighten the young ones? If yes, then why not try to format and download of these templates as well. Grab the examples in association with the many samples available. Flash your content easily with these subtle cards.[15+ Flash Card Templates]

> Micro Sim Card Template


Micro Sim card templates are created to help you in your hour of need. When you are short on time yet need your Sim card trimmed rightly, do download the tiny samples of Micro Sim cards. Do not forget to refer to examples as well. Step one to achieve that is to format and download the various samples and then print, voila, your job is done.[12+ Micro Sim Card Templates]

> Baseball Lineup Card Template


Track down the records of this brilliant time pass in a few easy steps to confirm. Format download the various kinds of samples available and choose the best for you. These templates will help you game properly and aptly. Help your skill with the examples accommodated along with the templates.[10+ Baseball Line Up Card Templates]

> Pokemon Card Template


Did you always get mesmerized by all those Pokémon cartoons dancing in your drawing room? Fasten up your seat belt and get the cool and funky samples with Pokémon format doodling to brighten up the blind follower of this masterpiece. Enhance your creativity with these charismatic examples and download to appreciate this work of art.[12+ Pokemon Card Templates]

> Good Luck Card Template


Whether for a new start or just to say a goodbye to an old path, good lucks are a necessary being. To save time yet perform your opinion approach these lucky charms to lighten up lives. Help yourself with a click on format as you will be loaded with examples. Take a peek at the samples and you are all set to download the one that suits you best.[21+ Good Luck Card Templates]

> Medication Card Template


The templates for the purpose of medications on a piece of paper are here for you. These samples are free to format and download and easy to access online, especially prepared for writing down prescriptions. Set assail with the hundreds of examples and give yourself an effortless pat on your back.[13+ Medication Card Templates]

> Progress Report Card Template


Paint your cards for student progress with these tailor made templates for report cards. These are a great help for teachers and leaders who want to lead their disciples encouragingly. The samples help to efficiently portray one’s ability and effort. No more worries, just format, download and seek help from the examples.[9+ Progress Report Card Templates]

You just have to download and format it according to your requirement. Different animals, birds, utensils and designs can also be made by using these Flash Card Templates.

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