9+ Best Envelope Icons – PSD, Vector AI, EPS

best envelope icons

If you’re a web or app designer and you’re looking for some e-mail icons to go with your design, then stop here for a second and scroll through. You might fine the e-mail icons that you were looking for.

Whether your envelope icon is for a public e-mail service or for a private messaging purpose between users or to website moderators, you’ll still need a clear, crisp e-mail icon that meshes in well together with the other elements in your design.

Open Envelope Icon

open-envelope-icon Download

Free Envelope Icon

free-envelope-icon Download

Business Envelope Icon

business-envelope-icon Download

Vintage Envelope Icon

vintage-envelope-icon Download

Messaging and Online Communities

Messaging is an essential service to provide if you’re hoping to start an online community around your visitors or patrons. That they be able to share thoughts and ideas among one another is how the community thrives. Having an online community greatly helps in businesses. It is, after all, customer feedback.

But that they’re talking to one another builds on that feedback. Moderators get to see more than one point of view on a single topic, and when patrons or visitors talk to one another, they tend to give new ideas and provide constructive criticism.

Messaging Icons

E-mail icons are most likely to be used for messaging services than anything else. They only need to be simple, clear, and precise in how they look for that much. More detailed icons are better suited when designing infographics, slideshows, or digital content related to messaging.

They can also be used to restyle icons on your desktop or on larger phones just in case you grew tired of your default icons. If you need more icons to choose from, head over to this page on our website for some more e-mail icons that you can use. If it’s books or journal icons that you could use this time, we also have a collection of book icons that you can browse through.

Flat Envelope Icon

flat-envelope-icon Download

Mail Envelope Icon

mail-envelope-icon Download

Corporate Envelope Icon

corporate-envelope-icon Download

Clip Art Envelope Icons

clipart-envelope-icons Download

Android Envelope Icon


Illustration Envelope Icons


Downloadable E-mail Icons

While it may be a better design choice to download complete sets of icons instead of just the one for better design integrity as a whole, there are times when a single icon type is all you need and having to buy a whole set would be wasteful.

These icons are dutifully made to fit their purposes and intended design style. The icons’ designs themselves are made in top-notch quality and most are available in vector formats and PSD. Thus, they are easily modifiable to match your design needs. They come in a variety of styles too: some sets that feature flat icons and some 3D icons for good measure. Many of these icons that you can download come in more than one web or print-ready format to ensure compatibility play and high fidelity when viewed.

Free Vector Icons

If you’re looking for some free icons or if you’re just that type of designer who likes collecting free things just in case you can use them later, then check out our catalog of free vector icons that we’ve collected for you. That collection that we’re also sharing with you will include a wider variety of vector icons and all of them for free.

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