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10+ Emoji Icons

Almost everywhere we go, icons are clearly visible—on your devices, inside a building, at school, and so much more. Icons are pictures, images, or other representations of a different object. They can also be signs or diagrams standing for certain objects. What you see on your desktop screen and on your smartphone are set of icons. You can even see icons reading a restaurant menu. They are everywhere!

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Speaking of icons, we have gathered and created this list that showcases emoji icons. There are a total of 9 sets to select from. If you love emojis that much, then no need to look elsewhere. This page is perfect for you. Go ahead and take look.

You may also check our other page that shows Desktop Icons.

20 Cool Free Vector Icons


Emoji Animated Icons

Twitter Emoji Icons


20 Friendly Vector Emoticons

Naughty Emoji Icons

Free Emoji Icons

Adorable Small Faces

Cute, funny, and adorable are the usual words we use to describe emojis. We all know that they are faces expressing a variety of emotions—happy, sad, angry, amusement, shyness, and so much more–mostly seen when creating messages or even when leaving reactions to a Facebook post or status. Now, what really is an emoji? Emojis are small digital faces or icons used to express an idea and emotion and mostly utilized in electronic communication.

Emoji Origin

This originated back in 1999. Mobile or cellphone users in Japan were progressively using picture messages as a means to communicate. Cellphone companies noticed this trend since pictures are bigger compared to ordinary messages.

Emojis were invented in a Japanese research facility. DokoMo i-mode, a mobile phone provider in Japan, was the first to authorize users to add images of frequently used emoticons to incorporate on their text messages. Emoji is the Japanese term for picture characters. It was then standardized and incorporated into mobile handsets.

Now emojis are widely used not just in text messages but also in Internet interactions. A lot of communication software have emojis.

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Emoji Christmas Icons


Isometric Emoji Icons Set

Emoji Icons Vector

Facebook Emoji Icons


Now if you are looking for predesigned cute, catchy, and awesome emoji icons but you don’t know where to look for them, no need to worry—we got what you are looking for. Our collections of emoji icons are exactly what you need. Here’s why you should download our sets:

  • These are all in a modifiable feature, which means you can edit as per your liking.
  • You may change the color, change the pattern, or add more designs to it.
  • Each of these templates come with a great resolution quality for clearer image quality.
  • Cute and detailed pattern with colors that are not so vibrant, something that is not harsh to look at.
  • You can download them straight to your computer or laptop anytime and anywhere.
  • They are also reusable in case if there is a need for you to use them in the future. Always save a copy on your files.
  • These are also printable.

Easy access

Plus, our website is accessible 24/7 in case you would like to check back for future downloads. Share this page with your friends or to anyone who also likes emojis, especially those social media activists. They will surely appreciate it. Go ahead and select which one you and your friends like best.

For more options, you can also check out our App Icons page.

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