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9+ Minimal Icons

Minimalist approach to art is defined in simple terms as seeing art in what is already bare. It does not need so much detail to look pleasing—in a sense, it is stripped with its essentials. When something is presented in a minimal way, it does not portray so much to see, but it does portray a lot of connection to its audience.

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We encounter minimalist art in photography, website layouts, and mostly in social media. With this kind of artistic perspective, a lot of things are reduced, most especially everything that most people present online. You can now make use of minimal icons or even Free Flat Icons to support your kind of expression.

Minimal Icons

50 Free Minimal Icons


Collection of Minimal Icons


Minimal Art Icons


Flat Minimal Icons


Simple Line Icons Pro

Technology Made Easy with Icons

In the modern ways today, social media is in its own pace in the trend. You could actually share almost everything on social media—travel photos, blogs, new music albums, and a variety of ways of interaction and virtual connection. In a deep sense, there seems to be a common language between people even without physical connection. Communication could be so easy that it could now be only a few clicks away.

Stronger connections built on a common language also need expressions of symbols that are generally understandable. Now with the use of Social Media Icons, communication is definitely made easier even when just minimal too. Check out what we have to offer here:

  • Minimal Art Icons. When you want to showcase your artworks on social media, you could make use of these simple yet very expressive minimal icons that will leave your audience in awe of your designs.
  • Flat Minimal Icons. As all minimal icons are simple and expressive enough, these flat minimal icons will suggest minute details and curves.
  • Minimal Line Icons. Lines are easy to determine once these create outlines. These icons will be easy to familiarize and use.

Icons are not only fun to use in social media. In different ways you would want to express, a minimalist approach on icons could say so much about you expressing it.

1800 Free Minimal Icons Pack


Minimal Web Icons


Minimal Line Icons


Minimalist Lines

Social media is not your only limit to expressing in minimalism. Tons of other artworks could also be expressed in the same way. Whether you want to include minimalist designs on your artworks or not, it is important that what you express about yourself is indeed satisfying and pleasing to you.

Minimalist designs come in the abstract of a few details and a few designs, and Line Icons are the greatest example to that. The positioning of lines in your designs can either create minimal expression or add detail of minimalism to your artwork. You may also want to use minimal icons with your ideas. You might want to try these out:

  • Photographs. Less detail in your photographs will portray a minimalist theme in your collection. In this way, you get to express in less and that is interesting.
  • Abstract hues. In different perspectives, abstract can either have a minimalist approach or not. Hues for abstract artworks range from, to, and between the shades of only black and white.

Expression is relative. Some may consider something minimal as it is and some may not. How it is seen as your own expression does not really matter as long as you are sure of what you are expressing.

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