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When it comes to web or application user interface designing, it is important to make our designs user-friendly as much as possible. In order to achieve an interface that is good visually and is easy to use, you must put objects that are easy to identify that will lead the user to a particular program or action.

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These objects are what we call icons. Icon functions vary depending on its type and its usability. For example, if you are making a photo and video editor web interface, you can use downloadable media icons such as the Video Icons and Camera Icons provided on our website.

Video Game Icons

video game icons2Download

Video Camera Icons

video camera icons1Download

Video Play Icon

video play iconDownload

Video Icons Vector

video icons vectorDownload

Music Video Icons

music video iconsDownload

Types of Icons

There are different types of icons. Let’s break down the most common types:

  • Standardized electrical device icons. These are icons that are found in a wide variety of electronic devices. It allows a user to navigate easily in an unaccustomed program. These are some examples of this icon type:
    • Easy icons. A house-shaped icon for homepage, a shopping cart for purchasing an item, and a hazard sign for system warnings. There are also Photography Icons, which is represented by a camera symbol.
    • Outdated icons. Commonly used obsolete technology like floppy disks for saving and telephone for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Desktop metaphor icons. Icons of this type manifest objects used in an office environment. It enables the user to organize and to do tasks similar to working in an office space. Under this category are:
    • Office-related icons. File, trash bin, and filing cabinet are some of the examples.
    • Confusing icons. Examples are heart icons which indicate to like or to add functions and pencil icons which imply edit functions.
  • Brand icons for commercial software. These icon types involve third-party software programs installed on the system software usually represented with the company brand logos. They function the same way as the other types of icons such as:
    • Unique icons. Icons that convey multiple concepts presented in brands such as Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Video Icons

photo video iconsDownload

Video Icons Set

video icons setDownload

Fineline Video Icons

fineline video iconsDownload

Video Folder Icons

video folder iconsDownload

Abstract Video Icons

abstract video iconsDownload

Benefits of Icons

You might ask, Why use icons? or Why is it important to have icons in designing user interface? The following are benefits of using icons:

  • Good targets. Icons, when sized right, would be easily touched in a finger-operated interface and would work well with a mouse cursor.
  • Compact. Icons saves space enabling tool bars to display different icons with varied functions.
  • Easy to recognize. Because there are icons used universally, users would instantly recognize and know the icon and its respective function. Try, for example, these speaker icons presented here on our website. These icons look like the speaker output device we use indicating that it has audio-related functions.
  • No translation needed. There is no need for you to explain the functions word for word. The icon will manifest its function. Always be mindful of cultural differences when using icons so as to make it understandable in different places.
  • Visually pleasing. The use of icon can enhance the beauty of your interface design. The interface would become more appealing to use.
  • Product family. Icons become related when used in several places.

An icon must always communicate its meaning in a user interface given for a fact that icons are visual representations of a program’s action, an object, or an idea. If the icon is not immediately clear to the users, it becomes an image without a purpose and a hindrance to the user’s tasks. It is important to take into consideration the user’s understanding of icons to properly design your interface and make it user-friendly.

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