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11+ Set of Hand-Drawn Icons

Icons are perfect representations of anything. There could be set of icons used for artwork purposes, some for formal journals, other sets for schoolwork, minutes of meeting, emails, and a whole lot more. Everything can be converted into icons for as long as it is commonly known of, and it has already established a common language for what it really stands for or what it represents.

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Whether people produce artwork out of icons or they just simply use icons to promote commonality in expression, it cannot be denied that there is valuable output every time icons are used. From plain creativity, the use of icons have become more known and common these days. That said, check out the sets of hand-drawn icons we have here for your business, creative, or personal needs!

Social Media Hand-Drawn Icons


Vector Hand-Drawn Icons


Hand-Drawn Food Icons


Hand-Drawn Business Icons


Hand-Drawn Wedding Icons


Hand-Drawn Doodle Icons


The Ins and Outs of Art Journalism

Art journalism is one branch of journalism that makes use of different icons, doodles, letterings, calligraphy, and a lot more to express art in various outlets. There are representations that portray different expressions and scenarios of art to whoever is involved in the process.

It is totally different with that of magazines purely because art journalism doesn’t only need factual events but is also open to other forms of creative expression. Art journalism doesn’t have to cover current issues and the like, and it is solely up to the artist-turned-journalist to decide what is it that he or she wants to write about that incorporates different artworks and creative themes.

Hand-Drawn Arrow Icons


Hand-Drawn Drinks Icons


Hand-Drawn Web Icons


Hand-Drawn Music Icons


Hand-Drawn Travel Icons


Sports and Fitness Hand-Drawn Icons


Art Journalism: Two Schools of Thought

There are two types of art journalism, and its difference will help you pick a particular field that you are more driven and passionate about. Here are the types of art journalism that you could choose from:

  • Actual art journalism. From the type itself, it is more on actual artwork that are being dealt with. Those artists or journalists who are fond of this type of art journalism put a lot of work into their decorations and designs with their artworks and journals. They could even make use of doodle icons in designing their journals. It is more of creating a diary of art, and it is ideal for those who aren’t too fond of interacting with different people.
  • Virtual art journalism. Blogs are concrete examples of virtual art journalism. Some people are a lot more vocal online than in person. When you are a virtual artist or journalist, you tend to make use of different resources you see online from your journal designs down to your choice of images. The catch is, this type of art journalism could now make use of what actual art journalists do. Online users could even make use of sketch icons for their virtual journals.

The Wrap-up

Making art in journalism is definitely one unique and one-of-a-kind way of expression. You tend to share thoughts and ideas about different issues that you might think is relevant up to the time being. There is indeed good value in responsible journalism, and it anyone’s free will to express.

What could also be nice about art journalism is that you do not only get to write about certain issues and topics, but you also get to express it through different works of art.

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