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There are different kinds of text icons that can be used in many designs. Text icons can refer to actual texts, messaging icons, digital icons, and a lot more which is the reason why  the usage of this particular icon is scattered in a variety of mediums and platforms.

We have collected a number of text icons so you can easily identify the specific text icon that you need to use. Be reminded that text icons can also be used as app icons, especially if they are related to online message exchanges using particular phone or computer applications.

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Cool Text Icons

cool text icons Download

Facebook Text Icons

facebook text icons Download

Twitter Text Icons

twitter text icons Download

Heart Text Icons

heart text icons Download

Birthday Text Icons

birthday text icons Download

Kinds of Text Icons

Text icons are different in nature especially if they are used in different mediums. There are text icons that can be printed out while there are some that are specifically made to do digital or electronic functions. A few kinds of text icons are as follows:

  • Cool text icons are used to provide an appealing design to the shortcuts that computer users can click so they can easily navigate either the web or the folders that are present in their drive.
  • Online text icons can serve as desktop icons as they are the representation of the sites that online browsers may visit by clicking the particular icons. Most online text icons include the logo of the page that is designation on the specific button.
  • Heart text icons are used to provide additional aesthetic to a text which uses a font style where heart designs are associated. You can use these text icons in creating different materials about love, passion, and celebrations.
  • Birthday text icons are commonly used to design the materials and items that will serve their functions during a birthday party. Birthday text icons can be placed in birthday invitations, program guide, birthday food menu and birthday banners.

Black and White Text Icons

black and white text icons Download

Emoji Text Icons

emoji text icons Download

Funny Text Icons

funny text icons Download

Text App Icons

text app icons Download

Desktop Text Icons

desktop text icons Download

Suggestions in Using Text Icons

Text icons are one of those little details you can see on a digital platform or medium. However, they play a vital role in ensuring that the entire document aesthetically pleasing. The overall appearance of a material will be greatly affected depending on the text icon you place on it.

For you to fully maximize the benefits of the usage of text icons, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • If you use text icons as social media icons, make sure that you are aware of the social media sites that the text icons will represent. This way, you can properly allocate the links of the sites or name them based on your likeness.
  • If text icons are used in online messaging, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the usages of these button icons so you can have an easier time in creating virtual or digital messages for your loved ones.
  • If the text icons are used as additional design items to a particular material, make sure that you still assess whether the text icon looks good on the material. One way of doing this is identifying the surface where the text icon will be placed, the color of the material and the text icon and the overall visual characteristic of the two items.

With all the benefits that text icons can provide, it is all up to you on how you can creatively and properly use them in any of your undertakings.

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