10+ Set of Geometric Icons


Looking for fashionable geometric icons? You’re on the right page. Geometry is an exciting branch of knowledge which deals with shapes and their properties. For some, they fear geometry as a subject in most college courses because of the amount of numbers and angles you need to worry. But little did you know that they are also used in terms of arts, fashion, and even icons. We have here a an array of geometry icons that will help you level up your websites, blogs, and ads.

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They are not just your ordinary icons. They are scientifically creative to a certain extent. Start scrolling down and see for yourself our set of icons that will surely level up your designs. Feel free to check out more of our pages and select the ones you love the most!

36 Hipster Geometric Icons

36 hipster geometric icons Download

Geometric Shaped Icons

geometric shapes icons Download

Flat Geometric Icons

flat geometric icons Download

Vector Geometric Icons

vector geometric icons Download

Set of Minimal Geometric Icons

set of minimal geometric icon Download

Two Major Divisions of Geometry

In order to appreciate more the magic and meaning of our icons, it is best to know the basic divisions of geometry.

  • Plane geometry. This division of Geometry deals with certain lines and figures found in a certain plane. Examples are circles, triangles, and other flat shapes.
  • Solid geometry. This deals with three-dimensional objects such as cubes, cylinders, and spheres.

Aside from the two divisions of the geometry field, there are also other subfields:

  • Topology. This deals with the concept of connectedness. Specifically, they deal with objects that are unchanged despite continuous mappings.
  • Discrete geometry. It deals with the positioning specifically on matters pertaining to relative positions of simple geometric objects.
  • Algebraic geometry. Most students are not a fan of this field. There is a level of complexity and technicality involved in such field.

These are just some of the important aspects of geometric icons that are worth knowing. It is good to have a few background knowledge about such icons. Feel free to check out and download the icon packs you love here.

Set of Vector Trendy Geometric Icons

set of vector trendy geometric icons Download

50 Geometry Line Icons

50 geometry line icons Download

Set of Weather Geometric Icons

set of weather geometric icons Download

Abstract Geometric Icons Set

abstract geometric icons set Download

Seamless Set of Geometric Icons

seamless set of geometric icons Download

Purpose of Geometric Icons

In terms of practical application, geometric icons are used in the world of academe, research, and IT- related businesses. There are a lot of factors to take into account in using such icons. You can use them in consonance to the project you are pulling off. Here are some of our icon packs’ possible applications:

  • Boost your design’s functionality. It will increase the functionality and creative aspect of your website layout, your app icons, etc. Rather than relying on the substance of your language and wordings used, adding a sprinkle of graphic illustrations will spice up your work.
  • Catch and hold your viewers’ attention. In both the domestic and global stage, competition in any industry is very tight. You have to come up with new ideas and ways to cope up with the competitive market and hold your target market in place.
  • Improve navigation. The subscribers can easily relate to your website. It indeed enhances readability.

These are just some of the significance of geometric icons. If you want to achieve and capture the hearts of virtual citizens around the world, feel free to try and download them. You can also check out our line icons, which are also of great quality and definition. Feel free to download and check them out.

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