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Electronic devices nowadays have real-time weather forecast data provided that notify the user of the device what weather to expect if they plan to go out on a specific time of the day. The figures seen on the forecast, which is called weather symbol icons, form as a representation of the weather maps being used to depict various phases, types and changes of climate characteristics in different parts of the globe.

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There are different types of weather symbol icons that vary in style and in form. You can check them out on this set of icons, and you can download them for your personal use.

iOS Weather App Icons

ios weather app iconsDownload

Flat Weather App Icons

flat weather app iconsDownload

Weather Mobile App Icons

weather mobile app iconsDownload

iPhone Weather App Icons

iphone weather app iconsDownload

Forecast Weather App Icons

forecast weather app iconsDownload

Types of Weather Symbols

There are numerous types of weather symbols but the following are the basic types:

  • Cloud cover and types. Cloud cover refers to the percentage of sky portions covered with clouds affecting the weather. When described in symbols, clouds appear more or less as depicted on the present atmosphere. An example would be the partly sunny icon identified with a thin line of clouds in the middle of the sun.
  • Weather fronts. Also known as front line boundaries, these symbols represent the line of separation between hot and cold air masses. They are further described as high pressure area, which is defined by an H and low pressure area which is identified with an L.
  • Precipitation. These signs is recognizable on many devices. The dots or the lines shown on the icon indicate how heavy or how violent the rainfall is. They are sometimes combined with other weather symbol. An example would be a cloud with two to three dots or raindrops indicating an average rainfall.
  • Wind and speed direction. The simplest forms of this type of symbol are lines drawn with long or short extension representing wind currents. A cloud with short triangular lines would explain a cloudy weather with light intensity of winds.

If you want to see more icons like these, you can look through the following app icons.

Android Weather App Icons

android weather app iconsDownload

Weather Channel App Icons

weather channel app iconsDownload

Widget Weather App Icons

widget weather app iconsDownload

Icon Styles

There are variations of style in icons that are designed and developed. You can find weather icons with some of the following styles:

  • Simple line icons. These are icons outlined in a simple manner. They are formed representing the outline of the object being displayed.
  • 3D icons. These are three-dimensional icons portraying a much more realistic look of the objects. They are much more detailed than other types of icons.
  • Flat icons. These icons are two-dimensional with a minimalist design, giving emphasis on usability. Under this category, icons have open spaces and bright colors.
  • Vector icons. Vectors serve as basis for this type of icon. Its graphic components are assigned through paths generated from the definite position of points on x- and y- axes of the work plane. In other words, images represent polygons in computer graphics.
  • Sketch icons. An analogous form of artist’s impression is a sketch. Icons look informal in this category, which looks like it is made using a pencil.

Icons in general aid us in easily navigating and understanding the applications’ functions in our electronic devices. The scientific explanations of weather forecasts and maps is represented in an image or symbol letting us know what weather we will experience making us prepared and get on with the day smoothly. In this regard, do not hesitate to check and to download from the presented icons.

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