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Bicycles are not only useful, they are really good to look at as well. Their design is sleek, functional, and striking. These characteristics make bicycle icons great design materials, whether you are a bike enthusiast or if you own or work for a company that either manufactures or sells bike-related items. For any bicycle needs you may have, we have a collection of bicycle icons available.

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Bicycle icons are the set of icons that are inspired from the shape of a bicycle and its parts. We have gathered different kinds of icons so you will have an easier time in finding the appropriate illustration that you would want, or need, to use for  a particular activity.

Vector Bicycle Icons

vector bicycle icons Download

Bicycle icons set

bicycle icons set

Bicycle Sports Icons

bicycle sports icons Download

Bicycle Vector Flat Icons

bicycle bike vector flat icons Download

Bicycle Fitness Icons

bicycle fitness icons Download

Where Can You Use Bicycle Icons?

Bicycle icons can be used in different ways. A few ideas on how you can use bicycle icons are as follows:

  • If you want to create a start-up business that sells bicycles and its parts, you can use a bicycle icon to design the logo of your establishment. It all depends on you on whether you will use a full bicycle shape and design or you will just use a few parts of the bicycle. This can help you to associate your brand with the items that you can provide to your clients.
  • Bicycle icons can also be used by vulcanizing shops and other existing businesses that offer bicycle repair, restoration, and maintenance. These businesses can either create a separate poster for their bicycle services or they can just add the bicycle icons together with other transportation icons to their existing marketing and informational materials.
  • Bicycle icons can also be used as designs to projects and documents that are related to health, sports and any other physical activities. This is for the reason that cycling is actually a way of exercising that can help you to be healthier, fitter, and stronger.

Small Bicycle Icons

small bicycle icons Download

Motor Bicycle Icons

motor bicycle icons Download

Electric Bicycle Icons

electric bicycle icons Download

Bicycle Exercise Icons

bicycle exercise icons Download

Kinds of Bicycle Icons

To help you out in choosing the icons you need, we have listed a few of the bicycle icons from this post to make it easier for you to come to a decision regarding which icon is appropriate for the design you are working on.

A few kinds of bicycle icons are as follows:

  • A bicycle icon can be the silhouette or the shadow of an entire bicycle. Bicycle silhouette icons will be great to be used if your design aspiration falls on the usage of flat materials or if the medium that you will use has blocks of colors you need to follow.
  • Vector bicycle icons are a collective of different bicycle parts that you can individually use on posters, logos, websites, and so on. You can also use these icons if you are tasked to have a presentation regarding bicycles or vehicles, in general. You can even incorporate bicycle icons together with a variety of navigation icons so you can create different travel signage, directions, and posters.
  • Bicycle fitness icons can be used by stores who offer bicycle accessories, actual bicycle products and or bicycle parts. They can use these icons to label their products or to even create their store’s posters and other advertising materials.

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