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Icons are pictures, images or other representations of an object. They are also a sign or representation that supports for its object, to give image or similarity to it. Though it has multiple meanings, an icon is mainly used to represent a certain matter of interest. What you see on your desktop screen, on your phone are sets of icons. They are almost everywhere and are distinct in their own way.

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We gathered and created a list that showcases cloud icons. There are a total of 9 selections to select from. These are ideal for those who adore clouds or anything that is inspired by a cloud. Take time to see the cute images below.

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Flat Cloud Icons

flat cloud iconsDownload

Cloud Services Icons

cloud services iconsDownload

Internet Cloud Icons

internet cloud iconsDownload

Cloud Drive Icons

cloud drive iconsDownload

Cloud Storage Icons

cloud storage iconsDownload

Facts About Clouds

Clouds. For some magical reason, whenever we look at those white fluffy things up in the sky, it gives us a feeling of calmness and tranquility. It also helps ease our tired eyes. Clouds are a visible collection of particles of water or ice suspended in the air, usually at an altitude above the earth’s surface.

  • They do have weights. Looking at those fluffy huge cotton balls, you might think that clouds are just floating up there weightless. Clouds can pack billions of pounds of water in one little part of the sky.
  • Every planet that has an atmosphere also has clouds.
  • Clouds reflect the sun’s light, which makes them appear white in the sky.
  • The cumulonimbus cloud or in layman’s term, storm cloud, is what makes flights run late. It is also capable of bearing lightning and other factors of severe weather weather conditions, such as hail, tornadoes, and gusts.
  • Huge clouds are usually made up of water beads and are based under 2,000 meter.
  • Clouds can be made as well of other chemicals.
  • Jupiter and Saturn have clouds of ammonia.

Clouds are not just a mere fluffy cotton ball in the sky, there is more to it than meets the eye. It holds different explanation that others do not know. They are in the sky already long before all of us here on earth are born.

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Cloud Icons Vector

cloud icons vectorDownload

Transparent Cloud Icons

transparent cloud icons2

Cloud Server Icons

cloud server iconsDownload

Cloud Computing Icons

cloud computing iconsDownload

Blue Cloud Icons

blue cloud iconsDownload

Advantages of These Icons

Now if you are looking for cute and awesome cloud icons, something that is pre-designed, but are having problems where to find it? No need to worry, we got what you are looking for. Our collection of cloud icons are what you need.

  • They all come in an adjustable form, meaning you can adjust them according to your preference.
  • You may change the color, change the pattern, or add more designs to it, and so on.
  • Each of these templates come with a great resolution quality for an emphasized image.
  • Designs are artistic. Something that is not too complicated to look at.
  • These are downloadable straight to your computer or laptop at your most convenient time.
  • These are also reusable, for future references. Always save a copy in your files.
  • You can print them easily.


Plus, this page is accessible 24/7, in case you would like to check it back for future downloads. Share this page with your friends or to anyone who also loves clouds, especially those cloud inspired things. They will appreciate it for sure. Go ahead and select which one you and your friend like best.

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