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Bubble icons differ depending on how the term bubble is used. There are bubble icons that represent messaging bubbles, while there are also some that are visual representations of actual bubbles made from water and soap. There are a lot of ways that you can use bubble icons as they can be  placed in various platforms and mediums, whether physical or digital just like social media icons.

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This post contains different kinds of bubble icons in a variety of forms. You can use the items that you may download from this post to beautify designs. More so, you can also use bubble icons for functional purposes instead of just purely aesthetic. Speech bubbles, for example, fall into this category.

Speech Bubble Icons


Social Media Bubble Icons

social media bubble icon Download

Chat Bubble Icons

chat bubble icons Download

Thought Bubble Icons

thought bubble icons Download

Bubble Weather Icons

bubble weather icon Download

Kinds of Bubble Icons

Being a general term, there are different kinds of bubble icons that are used differently. To give you a clearer understanding of the differences of various bubble icons, we have listed specific bubble icons below.

  • A social media bubble icon is the icon that you press or select if you want to go to the website or online account that the icon represents. This digital icon is commonly seen on desktops, cellphones, and other electronic gadgets.
  • Chat bubble icons are used either to represent the message inbox of an individual or to make him/her aware that he/ she has received a message from another person. Chat bubble icons differ in form and design depending on the application where they are used.
  • A thought bubble icon is commonly used to design a material where a thought or an idea needs to be displayed. Thought bubble icons can encapsulate quotations and words from people and other references.
  • There are also bubble icons that can serve as pictograms icons like the weather bubble icon. This specific bubble icon varies on the content that will be placed within the bubble area.

Bubble Letter Icons

bubble letter icons Download

Free Bubble Icons

free bubble icons2 Download

Cartoon Bubble Icons

cartoon bubble icons Download

Bubble Man Icon

bubble man icon Download

Bubble Icons in PNG

bubble icons png Download

Where Can You Use Bubble Icons?

Because of the different natures of bible icons, there are also a lot of ways that they can be used by different entities for a variety of purposes. Bubble icons can be used as follows:

  • You can use bubble icons to design any material especially those that contain visual representations of conversations or any message exchange. These bubble icons are commonly seen in graphic designs and infographics.
  • Bubble icons can also make your comic strip more interesting. If you are a comic illustrator, you can select from different kinds of letter bubble icons so that you can have bubble icons that come in different shapes, structures, colors, and sizes.
  • Bubble icons can also be used as signage to present the though of the activity or process that one can be involved with in a specific location. Restaurants and other establishments use bubble icons to tell people that they can access the internet in the location through the use of a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Bubble icons can also be used as app icons if they will be digitally created to represent the application that you have in any of your digital device.

There are still different activities, functions and processes where bubble icons are beneficial. Make sure to select the appropriate bubble icon so you can get its maximum potential of usage.

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