9+ Apple Icons

Some of the most famous icons in the world can become so famous as to be recognizable on sight. Take Apple’s icon, for example, which is one of those instantly recognizable logos. It also happens that you can get some of those icons here, if you needed them for your own purposes.

Like a lot of other famous icons, you can find many free icons if you know where to look. After all, it is fairly easy for you to get your hands on icons like these nowadays. What you might use them for may differ, but there is no denying that you can find these kinds of recognizable logos practically anywhere.

Apple iPhone Icons



Apple Fruit Icons



Desktop Apple Icons



Apple Weather Icons



Apple Folder Icons



Uses of Apple Icons

Company icons are not the only famous ones you can find. Some other icons can easily be found, like contact us icons. And since these icons are widespread, it is not impossible to find your own uses for them, including:

  • The most obvious purpose for these icons is as logos. Since they are already Apple icons, you can use them to spread the Apple brand.
  • Or if you were in app design you could use them for your apps, to make them clearly aligned with Apple.
  • If you wanted Apple-themed decor for personal use, then you could also download these icons and turn them into stickers or decals.

What Kind of Icons Can You Find Here?

Of course, there are specific kinds of icons you can find on this page. After all, not all of them would be the same kind of icon. In any case, some of the choices you have include:

  • There is a selection folder icons if you wanted to use them for your own purposes, or if you had to work on the design of the folders.
  • You can also find iPhone icons here, which would be perfect if you needed mockups of iPhones for any of your work.
  • You can also find app icons, such as for weather reports, that you might want to use as templates for your own apps.

Android Apple Icons



Apple Touch Icons



Apple Button Icons



Apple Watch Icons



Flat Apple Icons



Tips for Using Apple Icons

There are also a number of tips that you may want to keep in mind if you wanted to make you use of these apps more effective. Some of these tips may be applicable to all kinds of different icons, such as flat icons. This would make the tips even more useful, as they are more universally applicable.

  • One thing you may wish to keep in mind is copyright. Being that many of these icons are very closely associated with Apple, you may encounter problems if you try to use the icons commercially, unless you are affiliated with Apple.
  • Alternatively, you could always modify the icon designs slightly, so as to make the icons more unique. If you alter them, you may change the icons enough to make them indistinguishable from the Apple ones.
  • As for modifying your designs, you may also want to alter them so as to change their meaning slightly, such as adding slogans to let them say more than just what their image says.

Of course, these are not the only image designs you can find on this site. Do feel free to check other pages to check if there are other designs that you can use.

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