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If you happened to be working on apps for a Mac, you might find yourself in need of icons for your apps. After all, your apps may well need an attention-grabbing icon to grab the attention of possible buyers. Before anyone can be impressed with how well you have made your apps they need to be noticed first.

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Assuming you do program apps as a regular job, you may need a set of icons to select from whenever you make new apps. It often helps to have selections whenever you make anything, and icons are no exception, considering just how many icons and images are available for downloading.

Mac Apps Icon Set

mac icons2


Flat Mac App Icons

flat mac app iconsDownload

Free PSD Mac App Icons

free psd mac app iconsDownload

Mac Calendar App Icons

mac calendar app iconsDownload

iOS7 App Icons for Mac

ios7 app icons for macDownload

What Kind of Apps Go With the Icons?

Nowadays, there are all kinds of apps available, from utilities to games to books. As such, the app icons available here can let you make a varied amount of apps yourself. At least some of the apps you can make include:

  • Calendars are one kind of icon you can find here. While calendars are fairly simple, you can always find an icon to match it with.
  • Flashlight apps are another useful app that could benefit from using some of these icons, some of which can be recognized as something that casts light.
  • Paint apps are probably not as widespread as the other examples, but you can still find different icons that can indicate them on this page.

What Else You Can Do with These Icons?

While these icons are primarily for use with apps, that is not to say that all you can use them for is apps. After all, if you had a basic icon, there is no reason that you could not use it for several other purposes, including :

  • You could easily convert the icons into digital art, which is an increasingly widespread medium.
  • You could also make these icons into decor for a website, if the icon is one that would be fitting for the site.
  • You could also have the icons printed out and turned into images for clothes or pins, if you wanted.

Android App Icons for Mac

android app icons for macDownload

Tips for Using Your Mac App Icons

Like any other resource, there are some ways to make your use of these icons more effective. After all, Mac icons are fairly recognizable, which could speak as to how effective they are. Some helpful tips that can help you use these icons include:

  • Remember to find an icon that fits your app. The icon might be people’s first impression of your app, and so the icon should represent the app properly.
  • You might want to check all the icon designs before committing to one, as there are so many possible designs. It might be to your advantage if you check them all out to determine if have found one that suits your app.
  • Alternatively, you may want to use your apps as a framework and add text around it to make the app’s function. This is usually the case with such icons used in many devices, so it should be a viable approach.

That said, these are not the only options you can find on this website. If you needed other kinds of icons or images, you should be able to find them here. That way, you may have even more options for icons, so you can be sure of getting one that perfectly matches your app.

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