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10+ Travel Logo Templates

These days, logos have a variety of uses. Among businesses, logos are sometimes necessary for people to recognize a company. Logos are also used for events as an overall symbol of the occasion. In this article, we will teach you how to make these multifaceted emblems. We have also collected several high-quality logos for you to browse and use. All you have to do is scroll down.

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Step 1: Ask yourself, “How will I use the logo?”

The first step is the most important step. Before you  can start creating the design, you should know where you will use the logo and how you will use it. Identifying the purpose of the logo can help in the design process. This Travel Agency Logo Template is a logo designed to entice customers to partake in the professional services of a travel agency.

Step 2: Create the design

Once you have your purpose, you can now create the design of your logo. If you think that creating an original travel logo design is too difficult a task, you can always choose to use a premade travel logo template. The travel logo designs we have compiled are commonly customizable in user-friendly programs, like Photoshop.

Step 3: Prepare a budget

Logos are often made to be printed out. If you are planning to print out your logos, we suggest that you prepare a set budget for it. You will need it to purchase the materials, and to pay for the printing fees. We do not want you to spend more than what is necessary. Money is, after all, an important resource.

Step 4: Purchase the necessary materials

In continuation of Step 3, you can now purchase the necessary materials. Remember to only buy the materials that you need. Also avoid purchasing too much of the required amount of materials. You do not want to have an excess of materials that you will not use.

Step 5:  Print

Now that you have all your materials with you, you can now print your logo. If you plan on simply printing it onto greeting cards and letterheads, you can do this at home. However, if you want to  print out a bunch of logos on a large scale, we suggest that you have the printing done at a good print shop.

1. Travel Agency Logo Design Template

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Are you having trouble designing a logo for your travel agency? If so, then all your worries are over once you purchase and download this high quality Travel Agency Logo Design Template. This template boasts a clean and modern logo design which you can edit and customize in MS Word 

2. 15 Wanderlust Travel Logo Templates

Wanderlust is defined as the immense desire to travel and see different places. These travel logo templates are fifteen uniquely hand-drawn logos that perfectly embody the beauty of travelling. Click on the download button above if you want to check out these templates. You can also visit the creator’s profile, Cosmic Store, if you want to see more of their works.

3. Colorful Travel Logo Template

A great way to advertise your travel agency is to use bright colors in your logo and your advertisements. This is an effective way to get people thinking that, just like the logos you use, the vacations and travel promos you offer are a beautiful deal. What are you waiting for? Download this beautiful travel logo template now!

4. Hand-drawn Vintage Travel Logo Templates

There is just something absolutely charming with hand-drawn logos. It gives off a vintage feeling, a feeling that cannot be achieved with modern graphics and computer-generated illustrations. These are great logos to be printed out on mugs, and to be used as stickers. Do not hesitate and avail yourself of these templates now!

5. Worldwide Travel Logo Template

Do you want your travel agency business to make an impressive statement on people? If so, we suggest that you use this classic and bold Worldwide Travel Logo Template. Apart from travel agencies, you can also use this template for about any kind of corporate business. This design will surely have an impact on anyone that sees this.

6. Crown Travel Logo Template

Fresh and modern, this Crown Travel Logo Template showcases awesome graphics and fonts. With a logo design reminiscent to a globe (what with its latitude and longitude lines), this template is the ideal layout to show off your company’s prowess. This will give off a look of success and stability, which is a plus in attracting customers.

7. Travel Agency Creative Concept Symbol Template

If you were to ask anyone what would their ideal vacation be, chances are, their answers would include these three words: “perfect weather” and “water.” This travel logo template is a great design to use for travel agencies, beach resorts, and basically any business that involves travelling and tourists.

An amazing and exciting way to use logos are to print them out on t-shirts. This also works for any other memorabilia, like mugs and keychains. In many places that are considered tourist destinations, stalls and kiosks are set up to sell souvenirs. Use these well-designed, vintage labels that everyone will surely enjoy and appreciate.

9. Traveler Logo Template

Sometimes, bold and strong labels can rub the wrong impression on people. It may seem too intimidating for some. If you want your business to give off a cute and family-friendly impression, we suggest that you pick out this template. It has an adorable logo of a suitcase floating off on a Planet Earth-looking balloon.

The perfect logos to use for travel and transport businesses, these simple and elegant bird logos can give a professional appearance to your business. The color blue is associated with calmness and reliability. These sleek templates are a great choice if you want to give your customers a sense of ease.

11. The Great Outdoors Adventure Logo Templates

Logos are often designed to give out an obvious, visual message. Take this Grand Hotel Logo Template, for example. This travel logo design is a design that shows off a blatant message: explore the great outdoors. This is the ideal template to use for summer camp shirts, caps, pins, and stickers. Download it now.

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