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When it comes to preparing for presentations, we want to impress our colleagues or our seniors with the presentation we deliver. Visual presentation, aside from the speech we deliver, is a vital factor. Presentation done with bodies of text will bore your audience making them lose interest on the presentation.

Thus, outline icons can aid you in presenting your concepts and ideas in a creative way. Outline icons are a simple, friendly, and modern way to organize the topics in your presentation. The designs of these icons are a perfect fit for minimal concepts, making it best for formal presentations. You can browse through this list and download the set of icons that fits your needs.

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Vector Outline Icons

vector outline icons Download

Medical Outline Icons

medical outline icons Download

Outline Web Icons

outline web icons Download

Business Outline Icons

business outline icons Download

Party Outline Icons

party outline icons Download

Why Use Presentation Icons?

Why indeed? Icons are now being used by people everywhere. In presentations, there are three main reasons why icons are used.

  • Icons contain meaning. An icon has an image that depicts a certain function. The person who sees the icon will understand easily the message being presented, and the person would know the task or work he needs to do based on the icon.
  • Icons draw attention. Using of bullet points and chunks of text in presentations usually gets less attention from your audience, making it difficult to point out specific areas on slides. With icons, you can make your ideas more understandable in an attractive and creative way.
  • Icons facilitate text skimming. People nowadays do not usually have the time to read word for word the information they meet, especially those on the internet. That is why you should make presentations that are easy to be skimmed through by your audience. They can get the message easily if you use icons like line icons, and you can point out the important ideas you want to deliver.

By adding icons and lessening bullet points on presentations, you can get your audience’s interest and deliver your points meaningfully, making your presentations understandable and explicit.

Real Estate Outline Icons

real estate outline icons Download

Multimedia Outline Icons

multimedia outline icons Download

Landmark Outline Vector Icons

landmark outline vector icons Download

Location Icons Set

location icons set Download

Food & Drinks Outline Icons

food drinks outline icons Download

Making Presentations Using Icons

To make your presentations informative and creative at the same time, here are some useful tips:

  • Pick a theme. Usual presentations are made depending on the requirements of your senior at work or your professor in school. The formality of the presentation would determine the theme you will use.
  • Improve agenda. The topic or idea you are going to introduce can be presented in simple icons like for example flat icons that would represent that topic or idea. You can do away with the usual bullet style when delivering your key points.
  • Pick the right icon. For the meat of your presentation, which is the body that involves the explanation of your topic, you have to pick the right representation. To do that, follow these:
    • Be creative. An example for this would be using light bulb to depict a new idea or chess pieces to illustrate strategy.
    • Do not mix up styles. Have a consistent icon style all throughout your presentation.
  • Apply the right format. Sizes of the illustrations or icons matters in presentations. Be sure to choose formats that are right for your presentation.
  • Recoloring Icons. You can try to make icons distinct by recoloring them. If you are using PowerPoint, you can find a coloring tool on the format section when you click the image.
  • Wrap it up. End your presentation with an impact. Review your key points and state the important points, along with your conclusions, recommendations, and a Q&A for clarification of certain topics.

Simplicity is beauty. But that does not mean you will not make it a little more creative. Outline icons can help give you an attractively simple presentation that would entice your audience to listen and to pay attention.

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