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9+ E-mail Icons

Searching for e-mail icons? Having a hard time looking for the perfect e-mail icons for you? Thank your lucky stars. We have here an array of e-mail icons that are of great quality and design. They are also original and easy to download. With the development of information technology, the means of communication and correspondence have also improved a lot.

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Nowadays, e-mails are used for any transaction, be it business or personal transactions. To learn more about them, feel free to scroll down and check out our list of icons. Aside from them, we also offer Circle Icons, which are also of great quality and definition. They will truly satisfy your artistic inclinations.

E-mail Envelope Icons


E-mail Address Icons


Android E-mail Icons


E-mail Phone Icons


E-mail Icons in PNG


Types of E-mails

E-mails have been widely accepted across businesses, organizations, and cultures both in the developing and developed world. In order to appreciate more the value of our icons, let’s examine the types of e-mails:

  • Messaging Application Programming Interface. this type of e-mail is used by Microsoft Outlook in order to create a link with Microsoft Exchange Server and to other e-mail servers. In this way, you can have secured and more private e-mail exchanges within your company or association.
  • Web-based E-mail. This e-mail server enables users to login using web browsers. Without Internet connection, the individual cannot access and download e-mail attachments.
  • POP3 E-mail Service. This is referred as the Post Office Protocol 3. This is considered as a mail-access protocol used by client applications to read messages from the mail server.

These are just some of types of e-mails that are worth knowing. E-mail icons are mostly present in a wide array of websites because of its universal application. If you’re also interested with User Icons, we also have some templates and designs in store for you. Feel free to access and download them.

Google E-mail Icons


E-mail Desktop Icons


Transparent E-mail Icons


Flat E-mail Icons


Outlook E-mail Icons


Uses and Relevance of E-mail Icons

Because of the growing complexities in terms of technology in the world stage, the use of e-mail icons have increasingly become more and more significant. They are one of the reasons why the Earth is getting flatter. It is imperative to know the uses of e-mails because most e-mail icons represent the such uses.

The use and relevance of e-mails can be divided into two possible categories:

  • For business purposes. Without e-mails, the level of productivity and efficiency of certain company will gradually decline. Every meeting agenda, announcement, and notice sent through the post personal delivery is very time consuming, especially when the recipient lives on the other side of the world. Distance will certainly be an issue.
  • For personal use. E-mails are used to beat and surpass long-distance relationships, especially when a family member has to work or study abroad. It is also a marketing strategy. It also one of streamlining and promoting one’s blogs and personal websites. The World Wide Web is a great market to target because it knows no boundaries and limitations.

These are just some of the relevance of e-mail icons. If you want to sweep away the hearts of virtual citizens around the world, feel free to try and download them. Aside from them, we also have Tools Icons, which are also of great quality and definition. Enjoy your stay at!

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