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Book Icons – 33+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Icons are one of the most helpful elements for a graphic designer. Whenever you need to tell something about books, reading or research, you will have to represent those using book icons. These book icons look like books. The user shall passively understand that the action denotes something about read, write or research. These books icons are mostly used in websites related to schools, magazines or journals. These icons commonly refer to any information. You can see also Folder icons.

> Where can Graphic Designers Use it?

Book icons can be used wherever a read idea has to be conveyed. Common examples are

These book icons can be used as a standard way to tell that the user will have to go through the following references. They can be used when there is a long policy listing below. Else they can be used to denote textbooks or even library.

> How to Make a Book Icon Attractive

Although, a 3D rectangular shape with little curves at corners may denote to book icon, Graphic designers always put up their best to make it more creative. Book icons with a book mark or book icons with title in front are the most commonly used ones. Book icons with cover designs are also used in some instances, which demands more visual impacts. You can see also camera icons.

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For best book icons, they should mock an exact text book, which contains a lot of pages. It will normally look like a dictionary or encyclopaedia. If you are planning to sketch a note book, then decrease the thickness. A book can be represented as a closed one or open one depending upon the position it is placed in the website. Even though a closed book design is used at most places, an open book icon can also attract the same audiences, it will invite the readers with a different visual welcome. A book with folded page or with a bookmark is also a nice one to be used. You can see also fashion icons.

> Quick Points to Make a Design Attractive

> What is the Purpose of Book Icons?

The purpose of book icons is to make the user understand that it relates to some information or references without telling him so. A graphical representation will make him understand the concept or idea without much effort.You can see also clock icons. When a user views an icon of a book, he can simultaneously assume that there will be something to read. For websites of schools, the same icon serves the purpose of conveying the idea of text books. If multiple books are incorporated in book icons, it can be considered as a library. It can also be used to denote

> What to Notice while Using the Book Icons

Sometimes, designing nice icons can be challenging. An icon should be attractive and simple at the same time. It should convey what it means and it should be of adequate size. If the design is too nice and if it couldn’t convey the exact idea of its model, then the icon cannot be considered as a good one. You can see also free icons. It should serve the purpose and should be visually appealing at the same time. An oversized icon will be seen blurred when used at small spaces and a very small icon will be blurry when it is used as a big image. So the position of the icon to be designed and its purpose should be in mind while designing. Let’s have a quick glance to the points to be noted while designing book icons.

Always try to use very limited colours while designing book icons. This makes the icons more clear with fewer obstructions. But if they have to be used in learning portal, or a play station, then they can be of larger size and can be designed with any number of colours. Even though some guidelines can be given for reference, the purpose of using the book icons should be the first thing designers have to keep in mind.

> How to Choose the Best

While using, make sure the icons are of adequate quality. Please don’t use over sized or undersized book icons. The icons should be aligned properly with the text. Else it will be like a black dot in a white sheet. So the designed book icons should blend with the page which it is used. If the page is of a contrast colour, then the book icons should be designed in the colour theme that matches the design. Everything including the book icons should be equally appealing. The best way to get book icons is to design it according to the purpose. They can be designed according to the user preferences and colours. If you need an easier solution, then any icons in the internet (If copyright rules allows) can be taken and edited creatively. The modification should be neat and appealing that the book icons become more beautiful than the original one. If you feel that browsing is the best way, then make sure that the image you collect meets all the copyright rules, Cross confirm that the design is of adequate quality and meet design standards. The selected image should be conveying and clear. It should be professional and neat at the same time. Once you could notice all these points while designing or selecting book icons, then you will be the best in the bunch. Happy designing!

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