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Organizing a club is no easy feat. There are plenty of things to consider when forming one. But there is one thing that can finalize and make a club official and that is having a logo and an icon. Often, people mistake the differences between the both, but no worries, we are here to give you a guide and a list of club icon samples for you.

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So, if your situation demands you in creating an icon for a club, feel free to browse through our samples provided below. For more icon-related templates, you can also check out our Folder Icons that we offer on our website.

Golf Club Icons

golf club iconDownload

Book Club Icon

book club iconDownload

Night Club Icon

night club iconsDownload

Sports Club Icon

sports club iconDownload

Fitness Club Icon

fitness club iconDownload

Difference Between Logos and Icons

Before anything else, here’s a quick guide on the difference between a logo and an icon. Each have their own specific purpose and use, which is why before clicking on the Download button, you should know which one you are looking for. Take a look through the guide below:


  • Logos are created as a symbol that is used to represent a business or an organization. They are easily recognizable by the viewer even if the logo is direct, hidden, or abstract.
  • It should directly associate with the company it represents such as the organization’s mind-set and public image.
  • In short, it is the summary of the business’s “brand.”
  • Logos can be scaled, but icons cannot which is important in using different scenarios where sizing is required differently.
  • Logos mainly focus on projecting the mission of the brand they are representing.
  • They are commonly used to promote and establish brand recognition.
  • Logos are made up of typography that displays the name of the company, or product.

For more icon-related templates, you may also check out our Desktop Icons as our website stocks an impressive gallery of club icons and club logos as well.

Vintage Club Icons

vintage club iconDownload

Restaurant and Club Icons

restaurant and club iconsDownload

Health Club Icon

health club iconDownload

Social Club Icon

social club iconDownload

Free Club Icon

free club iconDownload


  • Icons are created to directly represent the idea, concept, operation or action.
  • They are commonly used in applications or apps as a representation of what the app does.
  • In terms of web design, icons are made to help the user navigate around a website. Examples of this is the home button, which leads you to the homepage of the website.
  • Icons cannot be scaled since they are made up of pixels. They require specific dimensions.
  • In terms of purpose and usage, icons push for some form of action such as clicking or using an icon.


Although both are similar in many ways, the way you can tell the difference is through the technical aspect. When choosing between an icon or logo, tell yourself what the purpose of your design is and consider the technical requirements needed. When using the icons above, you may also use the icons for your club as a stamp or design on various things such as menus, napkins, or documents. Be aware that these are different from logos but they can also be used as one. The applications differ on the use, however. If you wish to brand your club the logos are the best choice.

For more icon-related samples, you can also check out our Abstract Art Icons that we offer here on Template.net.

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