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Tired of the usual file icon designs? Looking for more creative and engaging icon designs? You’re on the right page. File icons  are widely used in most websites, application programs, and other relevant technological software. They serve various functions and roles in a specific platform.

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As you may observe, there are various file icon designs posted and ready to download in the internet. However, the quality may not be quite up to par. To help you out, you can check out and download our file icon templates which have good quality and design. You can use them as file managers, folder icons, document icons, and many more.

Text File Icons

text file iconDownload

File Manager Icons

file manager iconDownload

File Open Icons

file open iconDownload

File Folder Icon

file folder iconDownload

Document File Icon

document file iconDownload

Major Classification of Icons

In terms of classifications, there are two major classification of icons namely universal icons and abstract icons.

  • Universal Icons – This type of icon is a favorite among users. The obvious reason behind this is that universal icons depict universal message that is acceptable in various countries and cultures. The form and design of the icon itself provides its purpose and use.
  • Abstract icons – In contrast to universal icons, abstract icons are do not express a universal message. Designers who used such icons must be very keen and should add more details like labels for the readers and users to accurately comprehend its meaning and use.

File Icon Templates for You

Like save icons, most graphic designers used universal designs in creating file icons. They are easy to understand and follow.

  • File Manager Icon Templates – If you’re looking for file manager icon templates, we have designs for you. These templates adopt a colorful scheme and are perfect for your user interface.
  • File Format Icon Templates – Most software and document tools contain a file option. These file icons can help you make your document tool more comprehensive and functional.

These are some of our file icon designs that you may download and use to suit your interests.

Flat File Icon

flat file iconDownload

Blank File Icon

blank file iconDownload

File Format Icons

file format iconsDownload

Graphics File Icons

graphics file iconsDownload

Repair File Icon

repair file iconDownload

Key Design Elements of an Icon

Icons may appear small and insignificant. However, they play an important role in any platform. They make your website or program more interactive and operational. That is the reason why it is important to consider its design elements.

  • Color – When it comes to color schemes, use a color that complements the color of the platform where you’ll be positioning the icon. It must be colorful enough to make it recognizable on the users’ end. According to research, it is advisable that you add a visual indicator that provides the icon’s state whether it is available or currently offline. A good example would be download icons which are mostly shaded with a green color when the item is available for download.
  • Cultural aspect – Before using an icon design, you have to take into account the cultural backgrounds of the targeted market. The designs must be neutral rather than offensive on the part of certain cultures.
  • Shape – the icon needs to clear and comprehensible. That is why simple icons are mostly favored because the user’s can easily detect them and will have an idea of their respective function.These are just a glimpse of the design elements of an icon. If you’re willing to learn more, check out our array of icons.

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