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Tourism is a fast-growing industry, especially with the presence of new technologies and modern processes for easier travel to access locations that are once hard to reach. Different places are already being explored by many people around the world for various reasons.

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With the rampant growth of the tourism industry, it is very important for us to be aware of the tourism icons that we may encounter in our travels. We can provide you with different sets of tourism icons and other downloadable set of icons used in different industries or for other purposes.

Vector Tourism Icons

vector tourism iconsDownload

Flat Tourism Icons

flat tourism iconsDownload

Travel and Tourism Icons Set

travel and tourism icons set1


World Tourism Icons

world tourism iconsDownload

Summer Tourism Icons

summer tourism iconsDownload

Tourism Icon Brackets

Since the tourism industry is mostly related to travel from one place to another, it is very essential for travelers to know icons that are pertaining to different locations or specific places of interest. These icons may include the following:

  • Travel transportation icons. A few icons included in this list are the icons of airplanes, taxi signage, bus stops, train and other railway signs, maps needed for traversing a place, compass, and different traveling arrows
  • Popular tourist spot icons. These icons include mountains, beaches, other representations of bodies of water, trees and forest areas, and a lot more of other destinations.
  • Essential travel icons. These icons include cameras, passports, other legal documents, cards, money, and travel bags and luggage
  • The services that we can find in different tourism destinations also have their icons. These include room service, food items, hotels, activities that can be done in a specific place, and other services that we can acquire during our duration of stay in a location
  • Shopping icons. Some tourism icons may also include common merchandises that we use when traveling like slippers, sunglasses, shoes, clothes, and other items that travelers use either for comfort or as a part of the necessities of a specific tourism activity.

Aside from our tourism icons, you may also be interested to download our travel icons.

Flat Vacation and Tourism Icons Set

flat vacation and tourism icons setDownload

Tourism Thin Line Icons

tourism thin line iconsDownload

Tourism Equipment Icons

tourism equipment iconsDownload

Free Travel Tourism Icons

free travel tourism iconsDownload

Vector Rounded Tourism Icons

vector rounded tourism iconsDownload

Use of Tourism Icons

Tourism icons may be used on the following instances:

  • You may use these icons in labeling the items and bags that you are to use for a specific travel so that you will know what specific bags contain.
  • Your planner may also have these tourism icons to record the places where you have been to and/or the activities that you have done in the specific place.
  • Tourism icons may also be used by establishments for travelers to know that they are offering the products or services that are being represented by specific icons.
  • Tourism icons may also serve as guidelines in what can be done, what can be seen, and what safety measures should be looked at when in a specific tourism destination.

Important of Being Knowledgeable About Tourism Icons

Here are a few reasons why being familiar with tourism icons are important:

  • You can use these icons as clues, especially in foreign countries that speak a different language.
  • It allows you to be aware of the things that a specific location can offer.
  • It helps you to know the services and products that businesses and other establishments can provide for you.

There are many other uses that tourism icons can provide, which is why it is essential for travelers to be familiar of the most of them so that they can be guided in their next travels. Other than our tourism icons, you may also browse through our transportation icons.


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