8+ Holiday Icons


On the search for holiday icons? The search is over. We provide you here with a list of holiday icons that will give you a refreshing and stress-free aura. Holidays are one of the anticipated and most-awaited times of the year.

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They are the time of the year that we can escape from the routine of work and school. It is a time for us to bond with our family and friends. Start scrolling down and see for yourself the various holiday icons that will surely make you smile all throughout the year. Moreover, we also offer Free Vector Icons, which are also of great quality.

Travel Holiday Icon

travel holiday icon1Download

Christmas Holiday Icon

christmas holiday iconDownload

Holiday Calendar Icon

holiday calendar iconDownload

Blank Holiday Icon

blank holiday iconDownload

The Various Types of Holidays

By definition, a holiday is a day declared by custom or law of a certain country on which the usual course of business and work and suspended in order to commemorate a certain historical, religious, political, or traditional event. In line with this, holidays may truly vary from country to country. Here are some of the types of holidays:

  • Northern Hemisphere’s winter holidays. This category of holidays includes the Christmas season (see more of our Christmas Icons). This type of holiday begins from near the start of November and ends with New Year’s Day.
  • National holidays. This is subjective in nature. Each sovereign state, specifically its head of state or head of government, has the power to declare national holidays. But most of the time national holidays are directly related to important historical events such as independence days.
  • Other secular holidays. These refer to those holidays that are not related to any religious sect. Examples to these are labor day and earth day.

These are just some types of holidays. In line with this, our holiday icons are based on such types of holidays. Feel free to check them out.

Animated Holiday Icon

animated holiday iconDownload

Happy Holiday Icon

happy holiday iconDownload

Seasonal Holiday Ornment Icon

seasonal holiday ornment iconDownload

Modern Flat Holiday Icon

modern flat holiday iconDownload

Winter Holiday Icon

winter holiday iconDownload

Relevance of Holiday Icons

Like any other types of icons, holiday icons come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and styles. There are various uses of such icons:

  • Calendar designs. They are used to style up your calendars in order to shy away from the ordinary structure and designs of calendars. Time passes so quickly that is why it is up to you on how to spend it wisely.
  • Flyer designs. If you’re having a holiday party, you can use our icons as elements of your design. You’re flyers will truly embody the spirit and aura of the holiday seasons.
  • Designs for travel brochures. You can use them to style up your travel brochures. Designing  travel brochures should be hassle free and stress free. But it is inevitable that you’ll run out of ideas. That’s why our templates will surely save your day. You can download them and make them as your reference.

No one is stopping you from using the icons for your own personal use such as collectibles. After all their cuteness and awesome qualities are irresistible. These are some of the areas that holiday icons are usually used. Take note that they are of high quality, easy to download, and versatile icons. Feel free to check out and download them. You can also check out our Winter Icons Pack, which are also of great quality.

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