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9+ Web App Icons

Having a hard time looking for web app icons? We can truly help you with that. We here on our website provide you with an array of web application icons that will surely mainstream and perfect your design. Aside from that, they are also versatile, which allows you to use them in any manner possible.

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Web applications are one of the more important aspects of information technology. They contribute to the dynamics of the modern world. In the age of information technology, they are highly demanded and used in every industry. They are products of thorough human research study and programming processes. Start scrolling down and see for yourself the numerous web app icons and more sets of icons that will surely match up your app’s design needs.

Free PSD Web App Icons


iOS Web App Icons


Mobile Web App Icons


White Web App Icons


Flat Web App Icons


Relevance of Icons

Because of the increasing advancements in the field of information technology, we tend to observe icons everywhere. It gives more meaning and beauty to a particular website. In line with this, there is a need to foreground and mainstream the importance of such icons.

  • Website design. Primarily, they are used for website designs. They make a particular website more user friendly and accommodating to the user. They are not just black miniature images but are also clickable and operational.
  • Website promotion. The tasks of icons do not just end in terms of website design. It is also used to increase the marketability of the website. They attract more users or readers. They make the website more appealing to the public at large.
  • Website functionality. Aside from aesthetic purposes, they also contributes to the functionality of a certain website. Without them, it will be burdensome and time consuming on the part of the users to locate certain actions and functions.

These are just some of the significance of an icon. If you want to achieve and capture the hearts of virtual citizens around the world, feel free to try and download our Web app icons.

Web App Tools Icons Set


Web Application Icons Set


Colorful Web Application Icons


Vector Web and App Icons Set


Different Types of Web Applications

Web app icons come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. This is also with respect to the several types of Web applications available in the virtual world. Here are some of them:

  • Dynamic Web applications. They are said to be more technical and complex compared to the other types of Web applications. In terms of data loading, they make use of databases in order to ensure that the users will be provided with updated contents.
  • Static Web applications. They are mostly developed in the form of HTML and CSS. By using this type of app, you can also display banners, GIFs, videos, and animated objects.
  • Animated Web apps. With this kind of application, it allows you to display content with animated effects. They are not definitely boring. In line with this, it provides for an avenue for creative and modern designs.

These are just some of the types of Web applications that are worth noting. You’ll appreciate more the beauty and wonders of icons. Feel free to download and use them to elevate your work. You can also check out more Web icons on our website too.

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