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8+ Booking Icons

We communicate in various methods and one way we can communicate with other people is through the use of images or icons. Using icons sends a message to another person of certain instructions without even voicing them out.

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Here, we share some booking icons and a brief description of some icons to inform you how these types of icons can be used as sources for instructions or a guide to accomplish certain tasks. Most establishments use icons to relay instructions to promote safety. One example of icons promoting safety are Cinema Icons, which they express instructions on exits and safety precautions to help you.

Online Booking Icon

Hotel Booking Icon

Free Booking Icon


Travel Booking Icons

Household Booking Icons


Booking Icon Examples

A common use for booking icons is to help people locate booking tabs in a website’s page. Booking icons are also seen in airports and restaurants to guide customers on where to make reservations. Other examples of booking icons include these sets:

  • Online Booking Icon – These types of icons are commonly used in hotel apps or websites to help users find access to the booking page.
  • Hotel Booking Icon – Are commonly used for hotel booking purposes. These are commonly seen in hotel and other third party booking websites.
  • Travel Booking Icons – You can usually see these types of icons in travel apps and other booking software. These icons are also seen in airports and piers as well.
  • Household Booking Icons – Commonly used in households and inns. These kinds of templates commonly show visual instructions on where to go or labels for rooms.

Icons can be used for different purposes like providing the public with safety and convenience on how to book reservations or provide instructions on how to go to a specific place. Airplane Icons are also used in airports and planes to give instructions on where to go next or provide labels for specific departments and precautions. Airplane icons can also be seen in airline company apps.

Service Booking Icons

Ticket Booking Icon

Flight Booking Icons

Reservation Booking Icon Set

More Booking Icon Examples

Booking icons also give you instructions on how to purchase certain items or services and are usually found in mobile apps. Here are more examples of booking icons being used today:

  • Service Booking Icons – These types of icons are commonly used to notify users if they want to book for services from a specific establishment.
  • Ticket Booking Icons – You can use ticket booking icons in websites and apps to notify users where they can book tickets for events or for transportation purposes.
  • Flight Booking Icons – Commonly used to display icons to notify users where they can purchase or reserve tickets or express their concerns.
  • Reservation Booking Icon Set – These types of icons are also used in travel package deals. These are usually displayed in travel websites and other booking websites to notify users on available deals.

If you want to venture out and make your own Abstract Art Icons, you can download a photo-editing software from the web to do photo manipulation, as these types of software provide you with the graphic tools you need to make your own icons. These type software also provide you with advanced color correction and measuring tools to make the best designs. Check out more from’s design archives for more icons for a variety of applications.

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