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9+ Location Icons

When making a map, there can be a variety of things you’ll need in order to complete it. You can hardly call something a map if you’re lacking all the points in which to tell the person reading it on what exactly they are looking at or where they’re supposed to even look at. If you’re making a digital map on your computer right now, then you’re going to need some icons to help you complete it. You can even use these icons for an entirely different purpose so should you choose, such as making art that you think will suit it.

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On this list, you will find 9+ location icons that will help you in creating either a map or using them as a form or design you think will suit the art you are making. Speaking of icons, there are many icons out there that you can find plenty useful. Here are some Vector Icons for you to use should you need them for something. Feel free to take a look what we have to offer.

Location Outline Icons


Free Location Icons


Location Services Icon


Location Map Icons


Location Arrow Icon


Location Drop Icons


The Uses of Location Icons

Location icons can be surprisingly versatile—in that, they can be used for a great number of things. Some creativity will do you some good in using icons in general. Location icons are usually used to create two things.

Here are descriptions on how location icons are usually used on maps and art.

  • Maps. You can help complete your map with these location icons. With location icons, you can properly tell the person reading the map on where something is located exactly by having it pointed out. Another way of creating a map is through the use of Navigation Icons and Map Icons, but these location icons are enough to do the job. Feel free to check out the links if you’d like to see more designs though.
  • Art. If you think that the art style is going to suit it, then these icons can provide for some clever design for your artwork. You can use these icons as designs to add to the overall style of the artwork you are making if you think that they suit it.

These are usually the two most frequent uses for location icons. That being said, the majority of the icons on this list are more or so fit for maps than anything. If you have other means of using them, then feel free to.

Current Location Icons


Location Bubble Icons


Location Pointer Icons


Location Line Icons


Why Location Icons Can Be Important

Location icons can be very important for when you are making a map. Proper knowledge of direction can be important to those reading it. Without icons to point out where someplace is and what that place is called, people are bound to get lost. These location icons can help make your map so much more complete.

You can even tell people of the terrain they’re going to be going through using said icons. If you’re planning on hosting a race, then you can use flag icons offered on this list to help people know where they’re going to be going through as well as pointing out the landmarks they need to be on the look out for.

So, what do you think? Hopefully, this list helped you learn more about location icons for you to use much more effectively. If you need any more icons, then feel free to check out these Line Icons for yourself.

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