5+ Set of Architecture Icons


Searching for artistic architecture icons? Thank your lucky stars. We have here a list of architecture icons that embodies the art and technique of designing a building or structure. They are not just your ordinary icons.

Architecture icons provides you with the processes and symbolism that are used in the realm of architecture and design. They are a combination of the wonders of science, mathematics, and a sprinkle of creative minds. Start scrolling down and see for yourself the our set of icons that will surely improvise and style up your designs. Feel free and enjoy!

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Vector Architecture Icons

vector architecture icons Download

Flat Architecture Icons

flat architecture icons Download

Buildings and Architecture Icons

buildings and architecture icons Download

Different Faces of Architecture

Like the dynamism of the world, the face of architecture also changes from time to time. According to research, the practice of architecture is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements. Both elements must be present in order to design a holistic and comprehensive design. To know and appreciate more architectural icons, here are some faces of architecture:

  • Computer architecture. This kind of architecture supports the overall dynamics of computer engineering. It is related to instruction set architecture, logic design and implementation. It describes the functionality and operations of a certain computer system.
  • Landscape architecture. This pertains to the architectural designs of outdoor public areas, landmarks, and parks. They aim to support the social, cultural, and environmental mechanisms of a certain society.
  • Business architecture. It is commonly referred to as the blueprint of a certain business. It aims to provide a link between the strategic objectives of the business and the tactical demands of the external world.

These are just some of the faces of architectural icons. You can also use them for your own personal aspirations, especially if you’re in the field of architecture. Aside from that, we also have construction icons, which are of high quality and definition. 

Set of Line Architecture Icons

set of line architecture icons Download

Architecture and Construction Tools Icons

architecture and construction tools icons Download

Real Estate Architecture Icons

real estate architecture icons Download

The Relevance of Architecture in the Modern World

It is undeniable that architecture is becoming a vital component of the modern world. It is one of the pillars of the modern world that provides for a stability and answers to human necessity. The so-called modernized world would not be possible without the glaring contributions of such field. Here are some of the uses of such field:

  • Answers societal demands and necessity. Research shows that architects are likened to scientists and inventors who try to meet and satisfy the growing need of the society. Without the provided structures, we can’t experience the kind of convenience we are experiencing now. The society sets the goals, while architects try their best to meet and satisfy them for the betterment of the former as a whole.
  • Multidimensional application. Architecture, as what you can see from the types enumerated above, is not solely geared toward structures but also about systems and software. It has various applications in the academe, research and development, business, and many more.

These are just some of the significance of architecture icons. If you want to achieve and capture the hearts of virtual citizens around the world, feel free to try and download them. Aside from that, we also have real estate icons. If you’re interested with them, you can freely access and check them out. Just click on the provided link to access them.


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