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9+ User Icons

Nearly any app or website would make use of some kind of user identification service or module. This is to help users and the business to keep track of their own interests on the website or app as well as assist the business in tracking their visitors’ activities and exploits to get some insight on how to improve their products and services.

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Scroll through our website’s collection of user icons that you can use. If you need some more icons for a broader scope of purposes, have a look at these sets of icons that we’ve collected from around the web for you.

Flat User Icons


Modern User Icons


Vector User Icons


User Interface Icons


Abstract User Icons


Why Identify Users

Websites are almost never really free. To keep up with the costs, most of them would host some ad space, but that’s never really enough. No, most websites include online stores for their merchandise, and any online store worth going to would allow user comments and reviews.

Sites that host videos, photo galleries, music, and other downloads that could use some user feedback do the same. User feedback is an essential part of quality assurance so the website stays relevant and in touch of their primary audience.

Accountability and Humanity

A thin veil of anonymity is shrouded over the lot of Internet users, each one of them could influence the other a number of ways. Abuses and crimes are still the same online, but the occasional user sometimes forgets that it’s people they’re interacting with on the other side of that profile avatar.

In that case, the user—and if it’s a serious matter—the person behind that user account must be held accountable.

Online Communities

Another important purpose for hosting users and enabling them to interact with each other is to nurture and propagate communities within their own yard. Having people talk about the website and its output on a monitored space drives productivity and creativity among the creators for the website as well as invites the users to keep coming back.

If you need more icons of people from around the community, we offer you some people icons you can go through.

Free User Icons


User Profile Icons


User Account Icons


Long Shadow User Icons


Simple User Icons


User Icon Designs

Designs that go behind the icons meant to represent the user can go one of two ways:

  • Simple and Common. User icons can be made to look just barely like a human being. The user symbol that looks like a fat letter I will do. For most small icons, this will suffice as details wouldn’t be noticeable at a smaller sizes anyway. More importantly, the simple user symbol is a catchall for any user that could happen to be on the website or app.
  • Detailed and unique. Or rather, slightly more unique, since several other users could choose that as well. A more detailed user icon is created to represent the user more closely either in looks or attitude. A set of detailed user icons to achieve that purpose will need to create one for each demographic they could think of. The set needs to be diverse enough to catch as much user preferences as possible but simply detailed enough so the set remains a reasonable size.

More Icons

User icons are just one element in app and web design. Looking for more icons for your business app or website? Browse through our collection of business icons that we’ve curated for you to use.

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