Provide your employees, students, staff members, valid id proof to enter your establishment using our beautifully designed Blank ID Card Templates. Our samples are 100% customizable and printable in 2.13×3.39 inches + Bleed. Whether you are a doctor, a teacher, or someone from the media, you can be confident that you will have the best ID card template from our gallery. Every template in this collection contains relevant and quality content that will save you time while customizing them. Thus, subscribe and download any of our high-quality models today!

What is a Blank ID Card?

A blank ID card is a type of identification card that is easily editable and customizable because it doesn't have anything on it yet. It only contains an outlined structure that goes you the idea of what details you should add in such a document.

The possibility of using a blank card is limitless. You can use your creative edge when you are using this type of template over an edited one like an employee ID Card template or another. You can edit your blank ID card depending on the need. Use it for your security, pharmacy, gym, or massage business, whatever it is.

How to Make an ID Card?

An ID card is essential in business. An ID card increases the security management of an establishment. It also creates greater accountability for the business, which makes better customer and employee relationship marketing. With your credibility stable, you are geared up to have both local benefits and brand recognition. Where your ID goes, people can trust that they are having the best. Make the best ID card system with the help of our steps down below.

1. Plan Your Card

Your first step in creating your simple ID card for your nurse, physician, or whatever purpose is to plan what type of card you want—old-school, clean, or a modern ID card. You must have a purpose. It must command your moves and choices. So, determine in what manner your card will be of use. Will it be hung on the neck or be kept in a pocket?

2. Use a Layout

When you have the final decision, open any designing application, and start working out with a layout. Start designing the layout as per the standard ID card format and as per your security, or campus safety needs. You can download great templates from our site to help you expedite your ID card creation process.

3. Take Pictures of Everyone

An ID card without pictures is nothing but a name tag or a business card. You need images fixed on it to personalize it. That is how usual government IDs are (except for some documents like a birth certificate, which you can still use as a proof of identity).

4.Contact ID Printing Service

After the editing phase, you might want to contact an ID printing service so you can still change some parts if you want to make it cheaper or of higher quality. Determine the type of paper stock you want your editable ID card to be printed on. Take note that scrutiny over the printing service company is still a necessity as this will reflect your company's planning and management quality.

5. Determine Your ID Card System

If you have a huge company, you might need an ID card system to get everyone engaged. You can use an attendance sheet, but it will be less efficient compared to having it automated. With an ID system, you can also know who's coming in or out of the company's premises at the same moment they enter or exit.

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