Blank Cards Templates

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How to Make a Blank Card?

When creating your sample blank ID card, refer to our specific tips to make it instantly: 

1. Determine the Purpose

Decide the type of card you are going to make. You cannot provide the materials then decide on the purpose after that. Refer to our professional blank id cards added above to get an idea and decide on the purpose to add specific details on the card.  

2. Provide the Related Information

Once the purpose of your blank card is clear, you may now provide the related information. For an ID card, you may provide space for the holder's picture, name, signature, address, etc. For the appointment card, give the company information, the caller's name, the time and date of their appointment (secure yourself a copy of this). 

3. Input the Design

For your simple blank card to have some life into it, incorporate colors, fonts, and design. You may choose colors that are related to the company colors. For fonts, select ones that maintain readability like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. Be wary of the font size because you might be taking too much space. For the design, it must provide beauty; not interfere with the contents. To maintain presentability and formality, you may provide a white background. 

4. Plan on Your Card's Orientation

This suggestion refers to your preference whether you want your blank card to either be horizontal or vertical. If your card needs ample space, then you might prefer the vertical orientation. Whatever orientation you prefer, it must contain all the elements required for safety and accessibility purposes. 

5. Add Images

For an ID card, this is recommended. Aside from the ID card holder's image, provide the corporate logo of your company as well for official purposes. 

6. Print and Use 

Once you are done with all the necessary elements to be incorporated, you may now print and use your card. Since these cards are for official use, the reasonable thing to do is have it professionally printed.