Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Says the clock! As the second-hand keeps running, you realize that every pinch of it counts. However, you are so caught up with your tasks, and you forgot to love yourself. Hence, it's time to organize your schedule. Remember that your time is worth a bar of gold. What you need is a planner that would save your time from doing so much task that makes you forget a moment with your life. The Blank Planner Templates helps you balance your work and responsibilities. It's 100% editable, customizable, and printable. It's also easy to use due to its user-friendly features. And if you want to learn more about these templates, you can subscribe to our website. Available in MS Word and Apple Pages file format

What is a Planner?

A planner, also called a personal organizer, is a tool used to organize time, work tasks, hectic schedules. It's also defined as a calendar of your activities, timetable, or time chart. It helps you manage your time wisely for less worry. Planners can be in the form of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. The types of planners include Travel Planner, Work Planner, Personal Planner, School Planner, Daily Planner, Training Planner, Menu Planner, etc.

How to Create a Blank Planner

Depending on your needs, you can craft a simple planner of your own. You can also create your style and design. However, creating a planner might be time-consuming, but it's worth organizing your schedule. Below are tips you can use to create one blank planner:

1. Grab Some Calendars

The reason why you should grab some calendars, whether from your phone, neighbor, wall, or your computer, is for you to have an idea of what your planner would look like and how you would create one. But it still depends on your needs, for instance, for travel, task, job, personal, or whatever purposes.

2. Pick Out

Identify your responsibilities, goals, tasks, job, or whatever you are doing right now. Then, you need to mark their schedule for you to input your plan easily. This will also lead you to the kind of planner design and style you want to create.

3. Dope Out

Once you've got everything you need, open an editing software you can use to create your planner. You can use Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, MS Publisher, or Apple Pages to design your blank planner. If you want your planner to be in detail, you can include the time, day, month, year, notes, etc.

4. Crunch Numbers

You may or may not put your descriptions yet, but if you are excited to put it, you can. Insert your specifications on the blank dates which correspond to your timeline or daily schedule, such as your places to travel, events to attend, places to go, people to visit, or spend with. You may also put some notes or descriptions for you to remember its details.

5. Put to Bed

After retouching your design and editing your descriptions, you can start printing your planner. Then, arrange by month for you not to be confused. Next, cover it with a hardbound paper. You can also put some style or design on the cover page to make it compelling. Then, attach your planner with a material that can connect it, such as glue, ring, spring, etc. Now, your blank planner is ready to use.

6. Preserve

Now, here's an advice, don't delete the soft copy of your planner because you might use it in the coming years. So, what you need to do is to save a copy on your laptop or to any cloud tool such as in Google Drive, Yahoo, Gmail Account or websites where you can trust saving your personal information.

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