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What is a Coupon?

A coupon is a document that entitles its holder of a discount, freebie, or a combination thereof. It is usually used as a marketing tool. It may be printed on a small piece of paper or sent through email. Sometimes, coupons are also called vouchers or gift certificates.

Today, billions of coupons are distributed each year to target offline and online customers. And of this amount, only 2 billion coupons are redeemed.

How to Make a Blank Coupon

blank coupon template

If you wish to try out this relatively affordable print marketing method, we are here to help. Compiled below are a few design tips that any startup owner may follow when making your own blank coupons.

1. Find a Unique Selling Point

First off, you need to find your business’ unique selling point. This refers to that one thing that best sets your establishment apart from all the others. This can be a physical product. Or, this can be how you make your customers fee.

Know what your USP is and crafting a blank coupon (or other kinds of marketing collaterals) will be a trip to the park.

2. Choose a Unified Design Theme

Humans are visual creatures. No matter how cost-efficient your sample coupon is, it can be useless in the eyes of an uninterested customer. Workaround this issue by making sure that you only choose an attractive design theme for your coupons.

Choose a complementary color scheme to draw in a customer's eyes. Add high-resolution images. Choose font styles wisely. All these elements must go together to create a unified design theme.

3. Follow Good Visual Hierarchy

Simple coupons are usually printed on a small piece of paper. Utilize this space wisely by arranging all the text and images in a logical and organized manner.

Good visual hierarchy means that when customers read the coupon, their line of sight will naturally follow the coupon’s content. Make this part of the process as easy as possible so that customers can readily make decisions based on the information they learned from your coupon.

4. Use Your Words

Sensory words and an enticing (without being creepy) tone works best when it comes to making discount coupons. The right words can help drive customers to use your coupons and buying a product right away.

Display a compelling Call To Action in your coupon’s front page. And when making a digital coupon, make sure that your coupon adverts are set up with optimized wording too.

5. Keep Track of Your Coupons’ Use

Coupon marketing does not end with designing your blank love coupons or blank Christmas vouchers. A good business owner or marketer will continue to monitor the coupon redemptions. Armed with this data, you can begin improving upon your previous coupon marketing campaigns.

6. Employ Other Marketing Strategies

Sometimes, relying on coupon marketing alone can work. But if you want to increase brand awareness and, at the same time, maintain your lead in your industry, implementing other marketing strategies can help.

You may start an email marketing or social media campaign on the side. Or, you may enclose printed coupons on each of direct marketing mailer you send out.

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