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How to Create Certificates

Certificates serve as proof that a person has completed a required training course or academic requirements. It is often used as supporting documents for graduate school applications, job applications, or promotion. Gift certificates also function similar to training or academic-issued certificates—they are used as proof to avail of certain promos or discounts. With that in mind, tips on how to create certificates are listed below.

1. Note the Purpose

As mentioned, you can use certificates for various purposes. Therefore, before you start creating the certificate, you must first note its purpose. Is it for completing a training course? Is it for appreciation for attending an event? Knowing the purpose beforehand will help you decide what layout, format, and designs to use.

2. Envision a Theme

Now that you've determined the purpose of the certificates think of an appropriate theme to use. Aside from the purpose, the theme should relate to the type of event it will be used. For example, a beach theme is perfect for gift certificates that highlight promos and discounts, specifically during the summer.

3. Ensure the Information

Aside from the design aspect, it is important to ensure the certificate has all the essential information. For formal or academic certificates, you should include the name of the recipient, name of the event, date of completion, date of issuance, and signatories.

4. Use Ready-Made Templates

If creating a certificate from scratch adds more stress to you, you can use ready-made certificate templates available on These templates already have all the layout and design elements on lock; all you need to do is write all the pertinent information.

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