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What is a Blank Brochure?

A blank brochure is a versatile document that is used in promoting or marketing a product or service. Brochures are created for numerous modern uses. Marketers use it to update loyal customers of old and new products and services. Brochures are also an informative tool. Brochures, however, is commonly used by various businesses as a marketing tool.

How to Make a Blank Brochure?

A well-designed brochure is the best way of introducing your company to prospective clients. A simple brochure is very important when it comes to the corporate image of businesses. Brochures could be colorful and have unique typography, however, your project presentation can also be simple, austere, and formal in design. Hence, this article will inform you and guide you on how to develop an efficient brochure that will improve your corporate image.

1. Fold Design

Brochures come in many fold design. The widely used brochure fold designs are the tri-fold and bi-fold design. The bi-fold design can give you 4 panels to write your information on, however, the tri-fold design will give you 6 panels or sides for you to write on. It gives ample space for a lot of information you would want to input. Decide what you want to use for your commercial brochure.

2. Contemplate on Purpose

As added above, brochures have different purposes and use. When you start creating your brochure from an empty slate, you need to contemplate on its purpose. If you are making a travel brochure, then it should be advertising a destination or a travel agency.

3. Conceptualize Design

Once you've contemplated on the purpose of your professional brochure, you can talk to your design team to conceptualize a design. Avoid a plain background for your brochure. Think of the color scheme, images, and fonts of the brochure. Make sure that everything is complementary and pleasing to the eyes. If you are designing an informative brochure with children as a target market, then think of designs that are kid-friendly. The design of the brochure should be the perfect representation of its purpose.

4. Write Content

The content of the brochure is the most crucial part. This is what informs the reader of what you are advertising or informing. Brainstorm with your team and decide what information should be written on the content. Always proofread what you've written to avoid grammar mistakes and misspellings that might turn off readers.

5. Finished Product

The typical modern brochure is to print it to give it away physically to people. Make sure your chose brochure printing press will give you high-quality brochures to withstand the distribution process. However, there is a new trend for brochure distribution now. Companies would go for e-brochures for convenience. You won't need to pay money to have a copy of the brochure. You can send them through people's emails.

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