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How To Create A Modern Blank Calendar?

blank calendar template

A table or series of pages that contains and organizes the days, weeks, and months of a particular year is called a calendar. There is a lot to know about the history of the calendar. The term calendar is taken from the word "calends", the first day of the month in the Roman Calendar. This instrument or system is used to record life events and activities, may it be for social, academic, religious, or administrative purposes.

There are four types of calendar in general; the lunisolar, solar, lunar, and seasonal. These calendars have distinct uses and purposes and are widely utilized by different people and/or organizations around the world. You can also create a digital or printed calendar that you can access and personalized online using your PC or any mobile devices.

Below are some tips on how you can create a customized calendar that will satisfy your everyday needs in terms of scheduling and organizing your activities.

1. Choosing A Suitable Calendar Design

There are several calendar designs and calendar templates available online that you can choose from. May it be for the business calendar, academic calendar, or personal use, your chosen design should be based on what the calendar contents are all about. I suggest that you select the one that you are complacent with or the one that has a user-friendly feature to make things easier.

2. Getting Your Hands On The Right Template

Now that you already have chosen a calendar design, try to find a calendar template that will work for you. Select the one that best fits your preference. If you are making one for your business, you can look for a more specific format like a shift planning calendar template with timesheets so you can record employee attendance and tardiness, or a project planning calendar template so your supervisor can track the progress and milestones of your projects.

3. Altering The Template's Contents

Since you already have the outline for the calendar, you don't have to work all the way from square one. All you have to do is to add the name of the calendar, adjust the margins, play with the fonts, font size, and font color, plot the rest of your work schedules, and so on. You can also change the orientation of the calendar. Choose from portrait or landscape or whatever works for you.

4. Adding The Desired Details

Apply an artistic finishing touch to your calendar by inserting a catchy background or a watermark of your company name or any captivating picture. Adding colorful infographics, visuals, or images can boost the looks of your editable calendar. Incorporate your company's logo and color scheme to make it look more sophisticated and professional. You can also add the company's mission and vision statement to promote your company's objectives, goals, and values.

5. Saving And Printing The Final Output

Now that your graphic calendar is ready, don't forget to check the preview of the final draft to ensure that everything is in place. Make the necessary adjustments and insert additional details. If done, use high-quality paper or cardstock in printing for a glossy finish. If you are planning to send the calendar in bulk, you can visit the nearest print shop and have it printed there.

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