16+ Printable Microsoft Word Calendar Templates


The above quote depicts the importance of planning and scheduling. Digging the well, while the house is on fire is of no use. A perfect schedule and planning prevents piss poor performance. Now, the world comes to our palm in the form of tablets, smartphones, and alphabets, and tools outgrown in each and every industry to make the work smart. Free Calendar Templates are one among them. It’s the transmogrified form of our traditional wall calendar. The advantage you can get over with the transverse is, the piece of paper may tear away, whereas the digital form of it will be forever. The revolution doesn’t stops there. One will be gifted with all the advents of the technology like timely updates, platform independence, and many more.Download our sample Calendar Template for word for the fiscal year and have it for all the year long. Schedule your events on the wheels of digitalization. Enter the list of activities on the weekend, when you can. Try our free downloads now. They will tremendously impress you and you will surely recommend these to your dearest ones. Such is the advent of our calendars.

Free Holiday Calendar Template

holidas calendar template word format free download


98+ FREE CALENDAR Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Excel, Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS), Microsoft Publisher, Apple Numbers, Adobe Illustrator (AI)

2016 Planner Calendar Template

2016 planner calendar template edit in word

Weekly Calendar Template Download

weekly calendar word format download template



Let’s analyze the word 2010 documents in detail. Be it the holiday vacations, birthdays, nuptials, marriage anniversaries, ceremonies or your work-related commitments such as product releases, blog postings, social media campaigns, our e-calendar tracks the events with a hawk’ eye and will bring them to your attention as per the time frames you set. From Company CEO to college students to housewives, our services are for one and all. Our Microsoft Calendar Templates will provide you the option of show/conceal the event list. So that if you really feel the events or activities confidential, you can keep them in the hidden list and only the Calendar (minus events) will be visible. We are not charging hefty prices for our premium templates. We want to scale something at more enterprise level. Wow, excellent.

Customizable Calendar Template

free word format customizable calendar template

Study Timetable Calendar Template Word Format

study timetable calendar template word format


Daily Schedule Calender Template

daily schedule calender word format template

Be Worry-Free

Also, as the templates are digitalized and will be always with you in your device, one can be worry- free about the security. For advanced security, you can make the document password protected.Our premium templates allow to make Schedules on Hourly basis, daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly basis as well. We are not offering nothing fancy and foreign thing. We are offering something which is the need of the hour.You can even make a print out of our templates. There is no need to doubt whether your printer supports the template size or not. All our templates are of A4 size. Our Calendar family is having numerous additions. Starting from daily templates nailing every of the detail (nuts and bolts) to weekly templates, which are less detail (compared to daily), to annual templates, one can avail our most successful services. Conglomerates who are spending thousands of rupees, in terms of man hours, salary, and other facilities just to come up with Schedule Templates in Word can now comfortably and conveniently download our templates in word format (they are easily downloadable).We know that one approach doesn’t suite everyone and that is the reason we have a handful of templates for every theme.

Daily & Monthly Calendar Template

fiscal calendar free download word template


2017 Monthly Printable Calendar Template

2017 print yourself calendar word format download

Academic Calendar Template Free Download

academic calendar word format free template


Pooling Important Activities

Pooling over all your important activities under one umbrella is equally important. Our Microsoft Word documents are capable of managing and tracking huge projects spanning years. They will never break down in any situation. Below is the list, which we can manage effortlessly using our word docs :

  • Project Deadlines
  • Social media campaign
  • Holiday vacations
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Doctor appointments
  • Household activities
  • Diet Course
  • Travel trajectory
  • Presentation ceremonies

Precisely Executed Calendar Word Format Template

precisely executed calendar word format template

School Calendar Template Free Download Word Format

school calendar template free download word format


2016 Monthly Calendar Template Printable

sun to mon edit in word calendar template


To download the word file: 1) Click the download button. To open the word template: 1) Go to the file destination 2) Double-click the template Once the document gets opened, click enable editing and enable content. One can disparage that these are just series of rectangles drawn parallelly. But these are a 100x more to that. In fact these are the most robust and reliable schedulers one can look for. Our template library is so extensive that a lifetime is not sufficient to complete the tour even if you try one template a year. Of course, all these formats can be used in tandem. So far Google calendar remains the most sophisticated and predominant tool for planning schedules. But we are bringing umpteen solutions are to your doorsteps. Great collection of free and premium templates. What can one ask for?

Child’s Play

We believe that designing the templates is nothing to do with intellectual gymnastics. Hence all our word documents are user-friendly and working with them is as easy as child’s play. One can easily customize the Free Templates on Word and can create their unique calendar templates with different fonts, colors etc; Generally, we follow ‘American Style’ with weeks commencing with Sundays. However the users will have the flexibility to change that to Monday- Sunday. To do this, you need not change the alignment. Our A4 size word docs ensure that the printed versions are much alike as their digital versions. All our text is encrypted in the form of building blocks.

Split Year Calendar Template Free Word Format

split year calendar template free word format


Editable Monthly Calendar Template

printable calendar template word format download

Monthly Calendar Free Word Template Download

monthly calendar free word template download


Free Download Blank Calendar Template

free download blank calendar word template


Warning!: Print Margins depends upon the printer size. Hence make sure that they fit with the page. We designed the templates for users of all platforms :

Here is the compatibility check:

Windows XP (32 bit/64 bit) – Yes Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit) – Yes Windows 8 (32 bit/64 bit) – Yes Windows 10 (32 bit/64 bit) – Yes Open Office (32 bit/64 bit) – Yes You can edit our templates with Microsoft Word Publisher also. Also we will get rid of Macros for you, before they reaches you.Stop amazing at those flashy photoshopped Calendars on fridges of your neighbors with wide open mouths. Now, you also can create one or few for yourself. Try our sample calendar templates. They can easily sit on your desktops, palmtops, and phablets.

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