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Birthdays are special occasions. There are many ways to gift those who have birthdays –  remember calendars top the list, right next to cakes, chocolates and others. There is a great way of presenting birthday calendars, provided you have a creative inkling. Do not worry even if you are short of ideas. This is where we step in. Free Birthday Wall Calendar Templates are all about celebrating the great day and conveying a special message. Our range of will leave you baffled, as you will clearly be both delighted and spoilt for choices.

Pick any of the designs from our list, and you will see that you cant end up finalizing on only one. You are free to choose more than one template, and our format clearly gives an edge to speed things up. With a wide spread selection into colors, designs, formats and layers, you can now make it all happen in a short span of time. You may also see Perpetual Calendar Template

Birthday Calendar Diary 2016

Birthday calendar diary is used to collect the birthdays of your near and dear ones so that you can wish them accordingly and make the birthday special for him or her. It is present in the monthly format with beautiful layout especially for the kids to wish and celebrate everyone’s birthday.

Birthday Calendars in Landscape Orientation Birthday calendar with a landscape orientation is probably the best one because all the months of a year can be put on the same page. For each month, there are ten lines to write the birthdays of your friends or relatives. You can add a special note towards the bottom in case there are more than ten birthdays to write for a month.

Printable Birthday Calendar Template Printable birthday calendar templates are mainly for school to take a printout of these and hang them in all the classrooms that will show the birthdays of the students in the class so that everyone can wish and celebrate. These templates are fully editable so that schools can personalize them with logo and other decorations.

Floral Print Birthday Calendar

These are the best designed birthday calendar templates. They generally come in monthly format, and it truly brings out the spirit and happiness of birthdays. It has awesome ornamental forms and various floral design with colorful color combinations. Kids are going to love them, and they are print ready.

Family Birthday Calendar Template

These are very different kinds of birthday calendar template. It has full background image upon which texts are written in a beautiful design. It is very eye-catching and looks premium stuff. It is perfectly editable so that you can write the name of your family members replacing the sample data and you can also change the background, but it won’t be needed as the template is perfect.

Yearly Birthday Calendar Template

These sample calendar templates are for writing a few birthdays only as there is space due to the presence of all months on the same page. It is clean and vintage with a chalkboard background. The colorful features and fonts for the texts are truly amazing. It is best for classroom birthday calendar when there are only limited students.

Birthday Calendar Template

The standard print of the Birthday Calendar InDesign Template includes help files, free fonts and IDML files. The template itself is completely editable and can be effectively used as a daily planner as well. This is a plain and simple birthday calendar especially for diaries to include them. The format is clean and professional. In each page, hundreds of birthdays would sit in comfortably. These templates are fully editable and can be used as daily planner. You can insert images in the background of the paper to cool great.

Birthday Calendar For Family

This one is ideal for someone with loads of friends and family members. Completely editable format allows you to save the content on your device and edit it time to time for timely reminders of birthdays and other occasions as well. This is an outstanding template. All one needs to do it to take a print out after filling it the name of the birthday boys and girls knowing their dates. It is colorful and eye-catching and therefore, In a big family, it would be easy to notice the calendars and the dates.

Birthday Calendar Landscape in Color

This New Birthday Calendar Template is color-coded for each month, comes with organized field spaces and is editable on all versions of MS Word. It is also print friendly and uses only free fonts. This is a simple birthdate calendar with colorful texts, and it is available in two parts containing six months in each. It is professional and can be found in diaries quite often. It is placed in offices and professional workplaces to make the important date to remember.

Birthday Calendar Template

A PDF reader friendly Birthday Calendar Template that comes with a cutesy, minimal banner and separate columns for all months. This print-ready format is perfect for keeping track of your friends’ and family’s birthdays. This is a vintage looking simple birthday template with bold texts with effects. It is black and white for printing purpose. There are multiple colorful birthday calendars present that could make someone’s birthday the best event till date. The minimalistic design and separated columns will help in a better listing.

Free Birthday Calendar Template

This is also an Adobe PDF reader friendly design which can be downloaded for free, complete with fonts and instructions. The colorful and clean design adds extra fun to birthdays and reminders.

Birthday Calendar Making Template

Birthday Printable Calendar

Calendar Template For Birthday

Photo Calendar Template for Birthday

Fillable Birthday Calendar Template

Free Birthday Calendar Template Download

Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar For Jan/Feb

Birthday Reminder Calendar Printable

Calendar Template For Birthday

Calendar for Birthday and Anniversary

Free Birthday Calendar Template Download

Birthday Calendar Candy Style

Birthday Calendar Template

Birthday Printable Calendar

Birthday Calendar with Cake

Family B-date Calendar

Birthday Calendar Template in Red

Family Birthday Calendar


Birthday Calendar Download


Best Birthday Calendar


Printable Monthly Birthday Calendar


Holiday Birthday Calendar


Free Birthday Calendar Design Download


Create Perpetual Birthday Calendar


Birthday and Anniversary Calendar Template


Free Printable Birthday Calendar for kids


Generic Team Birthday Calendar Template


Office Gift Birthday Calendar


Printable Birthday Calendar Poster Download


Free Employee Birthday Calendar Template

Family Birthday Calendar Diy Board


Pick your design, customise and finalise. You can either print these Sample Calendar Templates or save them in the electronic formats. Some of the ideas will surprisingly double up to cater to banners, posters and flexes. We also have categories that serve the purpose for all age groups, themes and genres that reach out to everyone possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with our amazing Staff Work birthday calendar Maker template designs and see where your final product lands – nailing right on the spot, giving you exactly what you want. Share your feedback once done!

How to Make a Birthday Calendar for Free

Birthday calendar is quite popular among kids where they collect birthdays of their friends and near ones so that they can remember the days beforehand and have blast with the birthday boy or girl. To make a birthday calendar for free, you have to download Sample Calendar first because it is the heart of the template. Then you can get an image to place in the background and add some text before placing the selected sample calendar template on it. As an alternative, you can directly download some Sample Birthday Calendar Templates and edit them according to your requirement.

Why is Birthday Calendar Read Only?

Birthday calendars are read only because the Sample Calendar stays the same for all the different months of the year. Secondly, once a birthday is entered it is not meant to change because birthday of a person is fixed. Read only birthday calendar also makes sure that you do not make any accidental changes to the dates to mess up everything. It is a safety and necessary measure.

Generally, children like to go through everything they get and chances are high that they would change the data in a birthday calendar without even understanding its significance. Therefore, read-only birthday calendars are the best and you can take a proper printout as they are tailor-made to suit the size of A4 paper.

Classroom Birthday Calendar 2017

Classroom birthday calendars are the most popular birthday calendar of them all. Every school has these in their classroom so that the students can enroll their dates and everyone gets to celebrate everyone else’s birthday. It is easy for teachers to remember and pick the birthday boy and girl and to make them feel special.

Several Printable Birthday Calendar Templates are available for download and edit them the way someone wants. They can enter the birth date of the students and then take a printout. One can also customize and personalize it with the school logo and all to make it stand out.

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