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We all have availed the services of taxis as per requirement. Currently there are several types of taxi services – regular ones to be found on the open streets, and then there are the ‘no refusal taxis’ along with the most recent online service taxis that can be booked over dedicated portals. The taxi receipt templates are documents that can be used by the taxi drivers to create an invoice that will make the entire transaction a legal one. You may also see  Rental Receipt Templates.

These invoices will contain all the details pertaining to the ride and hence will make the industry a more organized one.Payment will be done when the passenger reach his or her destination, Receipt Templates will be given based on the fare amount and this serves as a proof that a payment was settledalready,  a piece of paper is printed in the taxi meter containing the time and fare used by the taxi.

Taxi Receipt Template Download in Word


Sample Car Sale Receipt


Receipt for Goods or Services Template


Simple Sales Service Receipt Template


General Receipt Template in Word


Receipt Template in Excel


Sample Receipt Template


Printable Receipt Format Template


Sample Taxi Receipt Template Free Download

Looking forward to make the industry of local travelling and taxi systems all the more organized, these templates can be used for the purpose of creating invoices that will be help the system of local travelling. This will take the industry one step towards consolidation and the whole structure of local travelling and the taxi systems with be better arranged.

Example Blank Taxi Receipt Free Download

The templates are perfect to create invoices for the passengers of the taxis. They have responsive features. The blank spaces that will contain the details of the ride are fully editable and changes can be made with ease. These documents can be found over the internet and can be downloaded in the form of word doc or PDF.

Taxi Cab Receipt Format Free Download

These templates have simplistic designs and can contain the details of the name of the taxi driver. The pickup and the drop address. It will also contain the kilometers traveled and also the final payment that has been done by the passenger. The templates have good resolution and offers clarity in printout forms.

Taxi Receipt Example Template Free Download

With bold fonts and lines, this Taxi Receipt Example contains company name at the top followed by date, name, amount, to and from, driver details and the number of the taxi.

Cab Receipt Format Free Download

Example of a Taxi Receipt Free Download

What are Taxi Receipt Templates?

They are formats that can be downloaded and use for the purpose of making taxi invoice receipts. These templates can help in the process of providing a valid document to both the passenger and also the taxi driver.

How to Create a Taxi Receipt Template?

Following are some of the tips to remember at the time of making a Taxi Receipt Template?

  • The format has to be simple
  • The format must have a good resolution as a clear and good printouts needs to be given out to the passengers.
  • The formats must be made fully editable.
  • They should have responsive features.
  • The background theme has to be very simple.
  • These formats must be organized to look at.


The biggest benefit of the templates is that they provide a kind of structured format to the transaction that is taking place between the drivers and the passengers. These documents bring a legal sanction to the entire business of local travel. These easily downloadable formats are professionally made designs that can be used readily by the users. These will help to save the time of the users as they can right away start by feeding in information.

> Conclusion

These taxi receipt templates are considered to be the best systems that are being implanted in every city. These will help to make the sector more organized.

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