43 Best Cloud Storage & Cloud Computing Icons, Symbols for Download

Symbols are the main way through which that we communicate, especially when we are using computers, which means you need to find some that can speak for you. There are plenty of cloud storage icons that you can use when you are going to be using the service. So, here is a selection of the best ones that you can use.A unique twist here would be to add the picture of a floppy-disk to set your apart from the competition, and to make your logo more memorable.

Cloud computing icon set

These symbols come in a set and there are 25 different options that you can choose from. They depict going to the home folder, putting something in the cloud or taking it out and much more.

Cloud computing icons set

These are in a modern flat design that also has the available space allocated for text. It shows that you can sync it with your phone, play something, and email it and much more.

Server icons

This option is metallic in color and is perfect for usage on a server. There are some 20 different buttons that can be used, including for saving, opening, shutting down and various other functions.

Big data icons set

If you are looking for some buttons that are a bit simpler, then this is the perfect set. There are many options that you can use, including for your database, runtime, tablets, servers, administrator and much more.

Computers storage icon

This is an extremely simple cloud storage icon that shows a man standing next to a server. This can be downloaded in various formats, including PSD, EPS, SVG and PNG depending on your needs.

Vector Shape Cloud Icons

Simple, yet beautiful is what these buttons are and it is a set of 2 that is perfect for uploading and downloading. It depicts a cloud with an orange arrow going in and going out for downloading and uploading.

Cloud Storage Icons Set

This is another simple set that you can use and there are 16 of them that you can choose from. They are all black and white and depict the various movements and requirements of the service.

Cloud Icon

If you are looking for a button to put up for access to the server, then this cloud storage icon is perfect. It is simple and it simply depicts a cloud inside a square with rounded corners.

Cloud communication computing

This is another one that is simple and it has a cloud inside a red circle. This can be used for any of your needs, including directing the customers to their server.

Cloud Storage Icons Set

Apps Folder Cloud Icon

This flat button is also extremely simple and it is a brown folder with a cloud in the lower left corner. This can be used for any needs when it comes to the services.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing icons

This option shows a cloud in the background with the various services in circles in the foreground. It includes options for searching, shutting down and much more.

Cloud storage icon

If you are looking for something dark to go on a bright page, then this is your set. It is black and grey and it shows a cloud on top of a hard drive.

Cloud storage icon

Dropbox logo

This cloud storage icon is that of the Dropbox service. This can be used on servers where the application is installed and it looks like a box that is open from all sides.

Cloud Storage Infographics Icons Set

This is a bit more intricate and it has a computer in the center and various icons that are pointing to it. There are ones for games, music, video, photos and documents and the percentage of each.

Computer network icon series

If you are looking for a set, then this is also another good option. There are 12 different buttons that you can use for secure, unsecure, lock, unlock and much more.

Network Cloud Storage Icon

Cloud storage with arrows down

Cloud, raindrop, sun icon

Cloud Computing Icons

Cloud download icon

Cloud storage transfer icon

Internet,business,cloud computing icon set

Cloud Icon

Cloud storage

Cloud database computing

Cloud Upload

Cloud service icon

Cloud icons

Cloud computing icon set

Hand drawn cloud concepts

Web and office icons

Cloud storage

Creative cloud set

Server icons on light clouds

Data cloud icon

Server from client icon

Clouds Icon

Cloud Icon Set

Cloud service communication

Cloud storage silver

There are so many options that you can use, so go ahead, and pick the ones that work the best for you and your website. Choose from versatility options as well as the one that you like the look of.

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