53+ Best Construction Equipment Icons Free Collection for Download


Icons are a necessary part of human life. There are many situations where it is easier to communicate via simplified visual media rather than words. It reduces comprehension time and increases the time frame within which you can react. Construction equipment icons have a myriad variety of uses, from retail to on-site safety signs. With so many varieties of contraction equipment sample, and so many varieties of icons that represent them, you must choose the best one for your project or needs.

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If your project is retail-based, then one should first start with a catalog of items to be sold, and match the icons to the product. Then, the style of the icon should be decided. Blocky icons look comical, but detailed 3D icons may be unnecessary also. Comic styles are pleasing to the eye and are a neutral, safe style to go with. The style of the icons should be consistent everywhere they are used. Color codes may be used to avoid confusion, rather than differently styled icons.

Construction Vector Icons

construction vector icons

This construction equipment icon set is clean, crisp, clear and ready to put into use. They have plenty of tool images, including nail, dozer, divider, crane and much more.

Construction & Engineering icons

construction engineering icons

If you are looking for a larger group of buttons, this is a good choice to make. There are 100 buttons that portray buildings, tools and much more.

Construction icons set

construction icons set

This is an essential construction equipment icon set that you can use for your website. The images are grey and they have construction workers, ladders, signs and more.

Set of Engineer Icons

set of engineer icons

If you want something in color, then this is ideal. It portrays an engineer doing his job, including drawing up the plans, building, surveying and more.

Under Construction icon

under construction

This image portrays a man working with a shovel. It also has some yellow and black banner behind it where you can insert font.

Vector black construction icon

vector black construction icon

These images are in black with a grey background. There are 100 buttons that you can choose from, including a paint bucket, tools, saw and much more.

Soulico Construction

soulico construction

This vector construction equipment icon set has 12 buttons that portray all aspects of the work. There are brick walls, a cement truck and many more.

Construction Icons Set

construction icons set 2

This set has 20 different buttons that you can use, including cones, paint rollers and much more. It covers all of the aspects that you would have to work with in this business.

Set of black tool icon

set of black tool icon

These are simple black buttons and it has all of tools of the trade. It has a toolbox, pliers, screwdriver, saw, nail gun and more.

Construction Icons set

construction icons set 3

This construction equipment icon set is available in different sizes and it is ideal for a website. The buttons are circle shaped and have various images inside, including a brick wall, floor plans and more.

3D Buildings – Illustration

3d buildings illustration

This 3D has 16 buildings that you can use, including homes, high rise buildings and more. There is also a bank, stores and other options that you can use.

Construction Icons

construction icons

These icons are colorful and they can add a bit of color to your site. There is a wheel barrow, a pencil, floor plans and other great buttons.

Mining Icons

mining icons

For those in mining, this set is perfect. It shows all of the aspects, including a hammer, diamond, a dynamite explosion and more.

Construction Icons set

construction icons set

This is another simple set that you can use and it has various elements of construction. You can find wrenches, box cutters, caution signs and more to use on your site.

3D Construction Icons

3d construction icons

This is another 3D set of buttons that are in grey and blue. There is a bulldozer, dump truck, floor plans and much more to be used.

Vector Black Carpentry Icons

vector black carpentry icons


Construction Icons

construction icons 3


Simple Construction Icons Set

simple construction icons set


100 construction icons set

100 construction icons set


Construction icons

construction icons 4


Construction Icons Set

construction icons set 4


Vector black construction icons

vector black construction icons


Construction Machines

black symbols construction machines


Construction Tools

construction tools


Vector black construction icons set

vector black construction icons set


Stampico icons

stampico icons


Engineering Icons Set

engineering icons set


Vector black construction icon set

vector black construction icon set


Construction Icons

construction icons pro series1


Construction Worker Icons

construction worker icons


Vector black construction icons set

vector black construction icons set 1


Big Construction Vehicles Icons

big construction vehicles icons


Black Heavy Construction Icons

black heavy construction icons


Under Construction Icons

under construction icons


Vector black industry icons

vector black industry icons


Buildings and city icon set

buildings and city icon set


Construction Tools Icon Set

construction tools icon set


Vector black construction icons set

vector black construction icons set 2


Engineering Icons

engineering icons


Machinery Icons

machinery icons


Construction icon set

construction icon set


Construction icon

construction icon


Construction Icons Set

construction icons set 5


Construction icon set

construction icon set 6


Construction icons

construction icons 31


Industrial and Building icons

industrial and building icons


Building and construction of skyscraper

building and construction of skyscraper


Construction icon

construction icon 7


Heavy construction icons set

heavy construction icons set


58 Elegant Construction And Repair Icons Set

58 elegant construction and repair icons set


Heavy construction icons

heavy construction icons


Construction icons

construction iconss


Construction icons

construction iconsss


Construction Icons set

construction icons set1


For advertisement purposes, more detailed icons would serve better, since it’s purpose is to draw attention. Decide whether or not you want to keep it monotone or multicolored. If it were to be used in a working environment, monotone would suffice. If it were to be used to draw attention, colors would be better suited to the purpose. Choose colors like yellow, red, black, grey, brown and orange, as they are commonly associated with contraction equipment. These buttons are perfect for those who want to create a website that is for their construction business. It has all of the tools and equipment that can be used, which makes it easy to portray anything.

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