161+ Vector eMail Icons

Icons are a great way to convey the message without textual exaggeration and it rings true for email icon as well. There are various email icons you can go for- ranging from zoom in and zoom out buttons, search icon to contact icon to mail sending icon and so on. You can use these for your webmails, snail mails, and as Social Media Icons too. Icons are a nice way to pep up any mail with graphical visual treats.

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Set of Email Icons

set of email iconYou have a set of as many as 12 Email Icon samples here that would make your email even more interesting. From search to contacts to currency- you have almost everything you need and much more.

Variety of Email Icons

variety of email iconYou are getting a versatile range of email icons here that covers everything from contact icon to send or delivery icon to mail icon to chat icon – and what not!

Mail Icon Planner Stricker

mail icon planner strickerIf you are looking for cool mail icon planner stickers, you have a wonderful mail icon planner set here and the colorful boxes are all you need to make your day even brighter.

Vector Email icons

vector email iconYou have a great set of as many as 16 vector email icons here that will help you to convey the various functionalities in an email. The good thing is that all Free Icons are in high resolution and are easily resizable as per your needs.

Email Icon Illustration

email icon illustrationThe email icons set here comes up with a huge range of 16 email icon illustrations which will help you to cover various functionalities in your email like contact, sent, pending and so on.

Flat Email Icon

flat email iconFlat designs seem to be the order of the day now and if you are looking for something similar for your email icons, use this flat email icons set with as many as 16 icons.

Email Icon Planner Stickers

email icon planner stickersIf you are bored of typical formal email icon planners, these funny email icon planner stickers are sure to make your day. They are cool, cute, colorful, and so adorable.

Envelope Web Mail Icon

envelope web mail iconYou have a brilliant set of 20 mail envelope web icons here in a classic black and white combo. All of them are available in high resolution and you can resize the icons just the way you wish to.

Retro Old Label Email Icons

retro old label email iconIf you are looking for contact us icons with a dramatic touch, these retro icons are just the thing you need. The faded look has duly brought in the desired aged aura.

Social Media Email Icon Stickers

social media email icon stickersYou have a grand display of email icons here which would be great to mark your outgoing or incoming emails. Moreover, you can even use them for RAKS or snail mail.

Vector Mail Icons

vector mail iconIf you are looking for email icons of late, this email icons set here is sure to fit the bill for you with as many as 36 vector mail icons. All of them are available in high resolution.

Black Email Icons

black email iconBlack always commands a classy treat and you have the same here with the huge set of email icons. You have a bunch of 20 icons covering almost every function you want to perform in your email.

Graphic Design Email Icons

graphic design email iconYou have a whole range of graphic design email icons set here which encompasses all the major aspects of email sending and delivery- from sending to delete to search- these icons will cover almost everything.

Email Icons Sticker

email icons stickerYou have as many as 35 email stickers here and the best part is that rather than taking the plain regular route, the icons here are to impress you with their colorful vibrant projections.

White Email Icons

white email iconThere is always something elegant about the white color and this email icons set has banked on that pristine appeal with élan. With the symbols presented in different shades, you have that needed dash of color here.

Email Icons Connected Free Vector

email icons connected free vectorDownload

Social Media Icons Free Vector

social media icon free vectorDownload

If you are looking for email icons, the email icon templates mentioned above would be a great thing for you. You have them in various backgrounds ranging from classy black backdrop to white elegance. The best part is that most of them are easily resizable so that you can modify the icon size just the way you wish to.

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