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9+ Facebook Icons

Facebook is considered as one of the top five most influential and famous social networking sites in the world. It is where people connect, share, post, and communicate with their friends all over the globe. Facebook users are increasing every single day, adding to the popularity of the social media platform. Almost everybody knows and masters the various icons used in FB.

If you are looking for downloadable Facebook icons which are of high quality, our website has a plethora of icons you could download and choose from. Don’t waste your precious time searching for the perfect icon. There are a lot of icons in store for you here, including other social media icons.

Small Facebook Icons

small facebook icons

Facebook Timeline Icons

facebook timeline icons

Round Facebook Icons

round facebook icons

Vector Facebook Icons

vector facebook icons

Facebook Chat Icons

facebook chat icons

Facebook Icons You Can Choose From

There are a lot of Facebook icons available in the internet. The challenge lies on getting the one with high quality and definition. Here are some of our high-end Facebook icons you can download for your benefit:

As you can see, the icons come in various shapes and sizes. Everybody likes the Like button. It is usually used to show your appreciation and fascination to your friend’s posts. This icon is definitely commonly used.

On the one hand, who can ignore the Chat Icon. The Chat Icon is very interesting because it notifies you that your friend wants to chat with you. Whatever the distance, the chat icon is very significantly adored by many.

If you fancy small Facebook icons, we also have some templates for you. It will be awesome and perfect in styling up your planners, notebooks, gadgets, and what ever you have. If you’re a developer looking to build your website from scratch, we have a collection of Web icons from our website you could choose from.

Facebook Share Icons

facebook share icons

Facebook Like Icons

facebook like icons

Facebook App Icons

facebook app icons

Flat Facebook Icons

flat facebook icons

Facebook Newsfeed Icons

facebook newsfeed icons

Highlights of FB Icons

Based on research and since its inception, Facebook did not change its logo design nor some of its icons. It only made some little modifications or added some more. It is because they want to establish a sense of familiarity to make it more user friendly to various users around the world.

Here are some ways for you to make use of the downloaded Facebook icons:

Facebook, as we know, is one of the many social media platforms that changed the landscape of social networking. It has a great effect on peoples’ lives and way of living. With this, our icons can help you satisfy your need for icons for your specific purpose. Aside from Facebook icons, we also offer YouTube Icons for you to check out and download.

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